Car Music
  • The Powers of Friendship!

    An all new animated show brought to you by Justin Boyd on the Invisible Bread network.

  • HotSam Oht

    Main comic: yaaaaaaay FRIENDSHIP 😀
    Bonus panel: I don't like people who hit the eject button 🙁

    • Sometimes friends do pretty silly things.

    • Dave Harmon

      Well, you never want to eject the driver.

  • ChristGuard

    It's like you perfectly and simultaneously animate what my brain things and what it fantasizes is the outcome of said thought process!

  • myrkron

    I literally laughed out loud. So silly. In the best way. And then I saw the bonus panel and it got even better. 🙂

  • Parco21

    Josh never was good with buttons…. -cries-

  • καtrmr

    never a good idea with the regular sort of friends.
    maybe with crazy pothead workmates, yeah. but not the regular friends.

    heck, I myself once thought that the muffler fell off and it turned out that was just a band named Jungle Death.

  • Nate

    Is that Steve???

    (Thanks for the freaky deja vu! I thought my brain was doing something weird.)

    • Mineblock5000

      Nope, Steve’s shirt is a slightly darker green.

  • The extra panel has me confused…What, exactly, is an "eject button?" 😛

  • never a good idea with the regular sort of friends

  • Nice

  • Stickman44

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