• Kal

    isn't double bacon cheeseburger burger king?

  • Dan

    He's at McDowell's. You probably think those are Golden Arches but they are actually Golden Arcs.

    • Pa-pa pa pa paaaaaa, I'm enjoyin' it.

    • SaraMuzik

      like on coming to america? hahaha

  • Torchwood

    "I've suddenly forgotten the majority of the nouns in the English language."
    Too often, man. Too often. Or I just forget the word I desperately need at that exact moment and feel stressed until I either remember the word or give up.

    • LordRedtha

      Haha, same with me. I always forget that one word, ten about an hour later, I remember it again and make some sort of exclamatory remark and then when the people I'm with ask me what's wrong, I try to explain the entire situation to them, but somehow end up embarrassing myself. Yeah…

      • Torchwood

        Of course! The only way to finish off the chain of events started by forgetting a word is an awkward, embarrassing, backward explanation of why you just shouted a complete non sequitur.

    • Mr Minty Mouthwash

      There is a word for that. It is called lethologica.

      • shubhdeep

        you are sooooooooweird

  • shubhdeep

    heh heh heh

  • That one guy

    This has happened to me a lot

  • Kirby gamer

    This is exactly how comic guy feels: