The Good Stuff
  • Jstar3795

    I've just started (and finished) reading your webcomics, and i just want to say that they are amazing 🙂

  • What is that comment supposed to mean? I fulfill all my burrito needs from a red wagon in random parks. What other options could there be?

    • I've yet to find a brick and mortar burrito place. One day.

      • Actual


        • Where I live, there are no buildings. Only Radio Flyers. We all live in Radio Flyers here.

  • mee

    Is that lighter grey another coat? Does he wear 2 coats incase the burritos aren't what the buyer wants? What's he hiding under there!

  • fmlolol

    Plot twist: those burritos are actually made of drugs

  • Slythytoves

    After living in London for 2 years, I discovered a small, brick building wedged between a lawyers office and a nail salon. It was painted bright yellow. It was run by a lovely family of Mexican immigrants. And they had burritos…they were called… Mas Burritos … I earned 4 free burritos with their Buy-9-Get-One-Free loyalty card that year…

    • Is it still there?

      • Slythytoves

        Sadly, upon my most recent visit to the grand city of London, Mas Burritos was no longer there…perhaps it relocated? I hope so…

  • markmonnin

    "Finding a good burrito can be so hard these days." Personally, I like Amy's brand best. Also there's Chipotle. And Moe's Southwest Grill. And Currito. All good, in my opinion.

  • Fixi

    wait, wait, WAIT!

    is this the misterious $4-pizza man?

    • YES!

      • Pop

        I think this guy is kinda fishy you know what I mean. In other news, I'm not a fan of burritos

  • I wonder what the health department would think if I tried to register a food truck that turned out to be a food Radio Flyer. It serves food on wheels, it's the same thing, right?

  • User100

    "How about Gunga Din on a donkey?"

  • Dwayne Eric McLeod

    I like how the shady guy corrected his grammar. Nothing more hardcore than a Grammar Nazi. 😉

  • id consider the radio flyer a food truck!

  • Xxx_Bloody_Rekt_xxX

    @pop heh heh FISHY. FISHY. get the pun? because he sells briefcases full of fish? heh heh… heh heh… i apologize if i just ruined your day with that

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  • Mineblock5000

    He has TGS (The Good Stuff).

  • The shady guy’s eyes are weird in the third panel. Not sure whether to laugh or to cringe at it.

  • Robert

    I am reading more and more of your comics nowadays. Thats because I need some distraction after spending too much time reading on