Big Brother
  • Sara Muzik

    Mother knows all…….0-0
    Great job once again, Monseuir Boyd.

  • Why are we not funding this?

  • sirscribble

    i want a banana gun…

  • sirscribble

    who doesn't. i mean shoot people *pew!* now they are bananas!

  • Kirbyman!

    Yay! The armabreadon is ovar!

    For now. (Setup for the sequel)

  • Live by the banana, die by the banana.

  • Oh god! if my mom ever got a transcript of what I say online, she'd take my xbox outside and smash it with a baseball bat

  • User100

    I've long since wanted to invent a "shame" app. When someone lets rip with the usual hate speech (I'm looking at you, YouTube comments) it'd be nice to automatically post a photo, home address, telephone number, credit card… Might remove some of the "it's anonymous so I can say what I like" tendencies.

    And no, the inherent hypocrisy in posting here under an alias isn't lost on me.

    • deg1377

      But at least you aren't spewing hate speech!

  • Mojo

    Hey, I saw you at Comicon!
    I almost cried XD

    • Thank you for stopping by and saying hi! ECCC was so amazing!

  • just his expression in the last panel, the whole "oh shit" face. priceless

  • Lee Benningfield
    • Haha, and posted the day after the day after I posted this comic! Coincidences always seem to happen like this. I remember when Chris Hallbeck and I posted very similar comics on the exact same day.

      • I remember that day too. I think you have Luck that these coincidences just happen to you. My luck comes in the form of every other "someone in this room is bound to win" deal.