Climb The Thing
  • Darkkest

    Reading the last line I can only think of Chuck Mangione.

    • Pop

      Who's chuck mangione?

    • ChuckM

      Hahahahahaha, feels so good!

  • "Just because you feel good
    doesn't make you right, oh no"

    • No upvotes or replies? I guess no-one remembers Skunk Anansie any more… 🙁

  • Oraticus

    Guy-at-the-climbing-place: We like to avoid the term "spikes" due to the negative connotation that word has. We prefer "Incentivators".

    (Had to do this on my phone. Can't post from my comp for some reason.)

    • Sven

      Aperture Science Pointy Motivation Enhancers

  • g0vnah

    Take away the spikes, I'd do that in a heartbeat. LOOKS FUN! =D

  • Groupon has some KILLER deals.

  • Rick

    I keep wanting to check out the one in Canton, MI but I haven't done it yet. It seems like so much fun!

    • I have some very tentative plans to hit up that exact Sky Zone =) Maybe go to IKEA afterwards and buy some furniture to celebrate.

      • Rick

        Awesome!! I just moved into Royal Oak and I need to buy some furniture too. Now that I know there's an IKEA there I can take care of everything!

        • Octothorpe

          Just saying. If you're going to an IKEA that I think you'll be going to. It's a maze trap. It's the store version of the Bermuda Triangle. It'll take you more time to get out of the store than it takes to shop. Yes, even with a map.

  • That one guy

    It's like the kid version of cyanide and happiness!

  • andarb

    I hadn't seen that, but I found out there are TWO (one is an off brand) and they're both great! My son is disabled and we've never found something he likes more than jumping.

  • Madame Kagamine

    So sad. ;-;