A Nice Place
  • Oraticus

    Whoa… this guy's throwing out fifties like it's nothing, and she got a sweet hat that totally compliments her outfit. BEST. DATE. EVER.

  • And who says romance is dead?

  • Next is an Applebee's tramp stamp?

  • ArkhamTexan

    ::sigh:: This is actually how a first date of mine went. I was still learning how to do things post-divorce and it seemed like a good deal for good food! Nothing like a value-date!

    … on Valentine's Day… >.>

    … I don't even have the excuse of being in college at the time, but I was still young! I am but a man!

    • Ivan

      When did an Applebees become a negative indicator of something? Worse than Ruby Tuesdays? Bennigans & Steak & Ale are gone (the latter was good when they were still a novelty), but for a first date? At Applebees you get the lightness of still casual if that’s needed, but by sitting at a table around the bar rather than a booth, you can move chairs any distance you like, and just do appetizers instead of meals, and fill her full of top shelf vodka at medium prices.

      What’s not to like?

      • ArkhamTexan

        Oh, it wasn't actually at an Applebee's. Regardless of the restaurant, though, using gift cards and coupons for first dates is just bad form!

        • Ivan

          Bah! You don’t let them see it! Just include it in the check folder. Assuming you spent more than the gift card, include your plastic and they never know.

          If needed – hold the wallet until you leave, add cash & hand it to the waitress and walk away out the door. Don’t be an amateur!

  • Zera3

    OH. I thought he was going in for a smooch.

  • Dan

    Aw yiss. Mozzarella Sticks. He knows how to show a girl a good time.

  • Viraj

    When I read this in my feed, I noticed there was a bonus panel. But from this page, I couldn't find the same link. Am I just blind?

    • telene

      viiraj, the hidden panels are always on the bottom right of all comic images, where it says "invisiblebread.com" ^^*

      • Viraj

        Oh my gosh. I think the rest of my day is going to be devoted to going back and looking at all of the bonus panels I've missed.

      • Dan

        Don't tell him the secret!!!

  • j0enne

    a box full of hats!
    i love the (inadevertently) Team Fortress 2 reference!

    (maybe someday she gets an unusual from him)

    • Wat

      You buy a bunch of hats, they come in a box.

      If it's not intentional, it's not a "reference" (grown-up word: "allusion") to anything.

      • Wat

        But keep on with your positivity! Yeah!

  • Wat

    I liked it.

    • Sir Library Eater

      You guys, this is big. I can't remember the last time Wat experienced positive feelings as a result of a comic drawn by Justin or Drew.
      I'm glad you've made this big step in your recovery. I'm proud of you.

      • Wat

        Most have my comments have been explicitly positive on LHT. Variable implicit meanings, but explicitly positive.

  • I took my husband to Red Lobster, because he wanted to go there. I didn't see what was so great about it, but he was happy and that's all that matters.

  • Madame Kagamine

    He shouldn’t have mentioned that he had an entire box of them. I’d be sad if a guy told me that.

  • katwaterflame

    Am I the only one who looked at that bill and did the math to make sure that gift card would actually cover it? Yes? Oh… Ok…

  • Kaytelin Gallant

    lol boy he tries soooo hard