• Mythril

    My friends have had discussions about this: When is it OK to complain about restaurant food? One of my friends who has worked in a higher class restaurant actually said that it's OK to complain, because giving good service and good food is actually their job.

    But yeah, sometimes I am just happy to be able to eat and not do any housework/cooking/dishes so I am already mostly satisfied.

  • Oraticus

    Ah ha ha… I love this comic! Considering the fact that he has a distinct disadvantage, though, it's amazing how often passiveness wins. Does aggressiveness always "fall" for the same accidental trip maneuver?


    *Passiveness gives Aggressiveness a big bear hug*


    • Do they combine to become "passive aggressiveness" after they befriend each other?

  • HunterJE

    I actually rarely send back wrong orders, and it's not directly about passiveness at all (and most certainly not because I think it's "not OK" to send food back). It comes down for me to pure economics. Say I order entree A, and am given entree B. I prefer A, so eating it gives me 10 utils of happiness while eating B only gives me 8. When the waiter brings me B, I am down 2 utils. But if the confrontation/discomfort of pointing it out costs me 1 util, and the extra wait for the correct item costs me 2 utils, and the fact that they're rushed making it maybe results in a dish of A that only gives 9 utils instead of the usual 10, suddenly complaining leaves me at 6 utils–worse off than just eating B. It's all about the margin!

    • HunterJE

      Put formulaically, one should only send back if:

      U(d) < U(o) + C + T + R + S + X

      U(d) = total utility for delivered item delivered on time
      U(o) = total utility for ordered item delivered on time
      C = (dis)utility of confrontation (negative)
      T = (dis)utility of additional wait time (negative)
      R = (dis)utility of having a remade item (negative) (e.g. made in a rush, made poorly or sabotaged out of spitefulness, or residue of having the unwanted stuff scraped off)
      S = utility of getting the satisfaction of having your order fixed
      X = any other factors

  • I feel like we're similar, Justin. I do this kind of the thing all the time, and not just with restaurant food.

  • craftsandhistory

    I made a video game out of this
    no kidding
    computer science rocks
    ^. . ^
    v – My imitation of Wendell 🙂

  • Pop

    Passiveness: the unbeatable force

  • I almost miss Mortal Kombat when I read this–almost.