The Little Things
  • Oraticus

    Of course, if she had popped back online and saw that you were still online, maybe she'd think you were not particularly interested in her. Which is the bigger gamble?

  • Zera3

    No! Green shirt! You have to tell her up front that you like her! If you wait a year, you'll fall into the friend-zone…zone..z o n e..z o n e..z o n e.

    -continuous echo-

  • Fulano

    Sigh, it's probably true… way too many relationships start like this…

    Personally I don't see what's wrong with just taking her on a date, seeing what she is really like, then worry about if you like her later after you actually know a bit about her personality and if she has any interest in me at all.

  • MaskedGuy

    but but what if she went offline because she got tired of speaking with you? that's another nightmare idea i have in this conversations DX

    • AHHHH, you're bringing back the nightmares!

  • Renato

    hahahahaha this is so true

  • Sir Library Eater

    But what if she got back online and thought that since you weren't online anymore, you didn't want to talk to her, and so she thought you don't like her?


  • Lovely and this is the satrting of every relation ship.

  • Woody

    More people should see this. If they did their perspectives would likely be corrected. The vast majority do not understand he ins and outs so are left bemused and wondering on the amazement of it all.

  • gym

    Of course, if she had popped back online and saw that you were still online

  • Akshay Kalaria