Serious Question
  • Oraticus

    In space, no one can hear you scream… even if it's a cry of despair for losing an icon like Phil Collins.

    • Actual

      You know, unless your helmet is outfitted with a headset for the purpose of you being able to talk to NASA people. Which Space Snake doesn't have, the NASA people are obviously talking to some other snake.

  • Will Space Snake ever land on a planet, or is he just…. floating around forever?

    • Well, he IS Space Snake and not Planet Snake…

      • angriestchair

        I guess spaceships don't land on planets either.

  • ALWS

    Yes, I did! And I do it the totally lazy way of just putting in a letter and scrolling through autofill!

    • Actual


  • A Pumpkin

    His grief was so great, it reduced the bonus panel to nothingness.

  • Aankhen

    I replied there within a couple of days of you asking, but my comment never showed up.