I have a question I want to ask all of you!  The question is this:

How do you read the webcomics you follow?

Do you read them in an RSS reader like Feedly?  Do you have a list of bookmarks that you click one by one?  Do you type them all in and let autofill do the work?  Do you read them at work/on the bus/at school/in bed/at night/during the day/in the bathroom/on a horse?  Do you have a routine?  Ahhhhh, I wanna know all of it =)


I read all of the webcomics I follow in Feedly.  I try to have it be the first thing I do in the morning to help wake myself up and get ready for the day.  If not then, then I’ll take random breaks throughout the day and read any new comics that may have posted since I last checked.

I also have a list of bookmarks for all the sites I host on my server and I pop onto those randomly throughout the day, but just to make sure things are still running smoothly.


So lemme hear it!  Thanks, everyone!