• Oraticus

    I don't get it… I don't see any bowls anywhere.

    • Sir Library Eater

      I find your lack of bowls disturbing.

  • Zera3

    Ah, the talking bowling ball… Erhm, I mean pinball.

  • Torchwood

    I've never really thought about how odd the name of bowling ball is… hmm… perhaps I shall do a bit of research.

    By the way, the chat zone is a strangely long way below the comic; is this on purpose?

    • Torchwood

      That didn't take too long, did it?
      According to the unreliable WikiAnswers, it could come from the Saxon word 'bolla', meaning bubble, but the word came to refer to any round object. It could also be from the Old French word 'boule' or the Latin word 'bulla', which both helped create the English word 'ball'.
      I just assumed it was because you knock, or 'bowl', the pins over with the ball. Hmm.

    • The Chat Zone would look really far under the comic if you're running an ad blocker, since there are two ads between the comic and the chat zone. I just adjusted some stuff though, so now that gap should go away when you're blocking those ads.

      • Torchwood

        Oh, yep, that was it! Thanks!

  • Batmaam

    The bowling ball almost looks sad!

  • Matthew

    So ya bowling should be pinball and pinball should be…I got it! Flipper marble smacker!