The Best Pizza
  • Oraticus

    I had to use the fridge for a time travel device… do you know how hard it is to come by phone booths and DeLoreans these days?

    On the upside, my beer stays cool when I'm sailing up and down the streams of time.

    • And you stay cool as well.

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

  • Souse

    I used my time machine in a similar way and this is LITERALLY the best Invisible Bread comic ever!

    *Sigh* Now that I've read all of them, I have nothing to live for.

    • Oh no!

      Well, if you tell me about the comics I haven't done yet, then that will probably change the future and there will end up being different comics that you've never seen!

  • John

    This is LITERALLY the best webcomic ever – and I don't need a time machine to know it 😉

  • likeamagnet

    Oh god I feel sick. (from envy)

  • Actual

    He can't truly know if it is the best pizza ever, as he has not eaten all the pizza. He has forgotten the to eat many crusts that may elevate those pizzas above the rest.

    • But sometimes you just know the crust is gonna be bad halfway through the slice. Hmmm, but what if the crust was some kind of meta pizza. Just another slice of pizza rolled up to become the crust of the slice?

      Oh wow.

      • Morgan

        I think you just raised the bar for literally best pizza ever! Unless the pizza that he's eating is from the future, where your idea has been implemented?

      • Nancy Muntz

        Is there a crust on the rolled up slice? And is that crust made up of another rolled up slice? How far down does this go?

  • Sarah

    After eating all of that pizza, how does he stay so thin?

  • Dan

    Do you mean to tell me you built a time machine, out of a refrigerator?

    Trivia: In the original draft of Back to the future script the time machine was attached to a refrigerator.

  • Pie

    And this… this is literally the ULTIMATE pizza.

    By which I mean it is the last pizza ever made.

    It is not actually that good, to be honest.

  • Sir Library Eater

    Is that what the guy in this comic ( did with his time mafridge?
    It makes sense that traveling through time in a fridge would make you want food, especially if he's a fan of cold pizza.

  • Soap

    did you and literally call each other up to plan this out ?

  • hehehe he didn't see that coming! I want a pizza time machine!

  • haHA! Yeah seriously though, pizza is good but there are other foods and also learn to cook some. Or at least to order them. Keep it up though

  • thatonerandomsteve

    Finally, a guy who can put his money where his mouth is. Or…his pizza.

  • sam

    is there a black dot next to the guys mouth on panel 1 for anyone else