• LettuceCat

    I smell a Kickstarter campaign for this…

  • Bobby McBob

    This exists! I saw a chinese couple use this while on vacation! no jokes!

  • Yup. This totally exists. I think I saw it in SkyMall. Here it is for about ten bucks:

  • This totally exists! Plus it's got the extra mirror too!

  • I really didn't think something so silly could actually exist, but hey, look at that.

    This guy really has to step it up for his next invention.

    • Geeky

      I see then EVERYWHERE now! They were even at my church camp! (though they are very good for getting a lot of people in a picture I have to admit)

  • Sir Library Eater

    My only question is how he supposes he'll click the camera button.
    Does he use a self-timer? And if so, why not just prop it up somewhere instead, like Blue said?

    • Lauren Brown

      From what I’ve seen, they have a shutter button on the handle.

  • g0vnah

    I really wanna use this.

  • Kintrex

    They also sell masks for when you want to take a picture of yourself, but you don't want it to look like yourself.

  • Bobby McBob

    Well doing music and webcomics plus web programming is cool but what you're doing is impressive too! A full time job plus hilarious webcomics!

    • Very nice of you to say, thank you =)

      • Sir Library Eater

        Justin, you have a job outside of invisible bread and LHT?
        I thought you made all your money through advertising and you were nourished by the happiness of your fans.

  • Guillermo A

    hehehe for the forever alone moments. But if you think abou it, it isn't a bad idea, thousands will buy this!

  • Gina
  • These people used a very loooooong tool:

    • Nancy Muntz

      Huh. I admit I laughed at the idea, but that… actually makes sense. As a single introvert, if I went on vacation this thing would save me a lot of hassle asking total strangers to take a photo of me, trusting them to get a decent shot, trusting them to give my camera back to me, etc. If the price is to have a stick in all my shots, that's a price I'd pay.

      • Nancy Muntz

        Further thought: reinvent this. Create a walking pole that can double as a selfie-stick, and sell to singletons who enjoy hiking and backpacking and such.

        • Sockmo Yo

          That a good idea. It would be a pain to carry around, though.

          • Sockmo Yo

            Wait, you would be hiking with it. Never mind.

  • my mom made me buy one for my dad…

  • You just need to find a transparent material to make the Selfie Stick out of. It is a good idea

  • Did Justin inadvertently invent the selfie stick?

  • randomlurker

    I'm here from 2015, and yep. That's an actual, super-annoying thing, and there are plenty of photos of people looking dumb while using it. It's been banned in places, too!

  • Trollolol

    Selfie Sticks already exist.

  • Dave_Harmon

    FYI: Your rocking bud has moved to .