Flyin’ A Kite
  • and that's why I don't go outside.

    • Yoda

      But what about the squirrels, man?

      • I can watch them from the safety of my home, through my invisible, fragile walls. Or, as you outside people say, "windows".

  • Chris Kopcow

    I don't get it. Shouldn't the father be happy that he's discovered an airline that can travel around the world that quickly?

    • Just made a tweak to the art to make it (hopefully) a little clearer what the kite is stuck on.

    • It went past the plane. It hooked on a satellite.

  • Starchie

    Where is space snake when you need him?

    • Kristin

      Oooo! I smell a crossover.

  • John

    See, Moustache Dad wouldn't make this mistake.

    • And even if he somehow did mess up, he could fix it. He'd just fly up there and get him.

  • Jacob

    Can't wait till he meets Space Snake

  • Haha, I like the *gasp*, nice touch.

  • Tim

    Did he snag it on a satelkite?

  • Bonzai

    The juxtaposition of the despair on the sixth panel and the whimsical motion of the fifth is hilarious.

  • that's a dang well-drawn airplane.

    • Why thank you! I'd be lying to say that it was super quick to draw =)

  • Kintrex

    This is basically a more scientifically accurate version of the Icarus tale.

  • Pat

    More like "something about them isn't "kite" right"

    • Anon

      Personally, I'm grateful for the absence of the groan-inducing pun. 🙂

  • Wow, that was pretty unfortunate. I love it though!

  • fan

    How could he *gasp*…in space? 😮

  • Zera3

    Not again? How'd they get him down the last time it happened?

    • ActualHuman

      He didn't. It's a new kid.

    • Poopy McGee

      The fact it has even happened before is what scares me!

  • Dwayne Eric McLeod

    I wonder if that sattelite is so fast it can rotate the earth back into the past like in the Superman movies? ;p

    • andar

      Reportedly that was never meant to depict Superman making the world turn backward, the idea was that he went so fast he went back in time, and the Earth turning back was only showing that he was, indeed, going back in time.

      I wonder if a day/night line turning back would have helped the effect or not.

  • ALWS

    That's the fifth child I've lost to kites hooked on satellites… time to start a new family again before my wife finds out.

  • That dad could definitely have caught the rope and pulled it back in. There's loads of it left. I put forward the motion that he should have his child taken away from him if he manages to return anyway.

    • ALWS

      But if he grabbed it, he might get rope burn! You wouldn't want him to get rope burn, would you? Or do you just like seeing people suffer?
      You monster. 😉

  • Matt

    I'll never fly a kite again. : /

  • Great blog

  • neh

    I think that that kid is secretly superman. he flies around the world AND doesn't need oxygen.

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