• Oh my gosh! THAT… is a pretty good idea, actually. *nod*

    • Pasta Batman

      Agreed. Now I have to invest my money into a party pillow.

  • oh my gosh! are you going to give each of us a life time supply of cookies for your surprise?!?!

  • I love you too, man.

  • John

    Haha, thanks Justin – now every party I go to that has BYOB will make me think 'Bring Your Own Bear' 😛

  • John

    Haha, thanks Justin – now every party I go to that has BYOB will make me think 'Bring Your Own Bear' 😛

    And thank YOU for making invisible bread 😀

  • tonitonitone

    Have a party with a nap! Invite all of us! I'll be there. ^..^

  • Andy

    Every one of us? B…B…But… what if I don't want to be involved? :O

    • ALWS

      He's going to go to all of our houses and give us each chocolate. And he'll make sure we eat it, whether we're lactose intolerant or not…

  • Mason

    In my day we called it a "disco nap". 😉

  • Miles

    I just want to say, much like many have already said, Brilliant!

  • dreamthiefcomic

    I wish so much that this was a real practice at parties.

  • Dared00


    It's like a convention, but IN YOUR MIND.

  • Monkey

    We had an almost identical conversation with the DJ's before our massive dance party this past weekend at Ohayocon

  • waffle

    We're all going to become invisible breads and line the site with our invisible selves 8-(

    • Only if you're ok with that! Only the willing will become breads.

  • efanwoo

    Genius, until that guy who draws on people's faces with sharpie and puts whipped cream on their hands comes along.

    • He has hired a security guard to walk around and make sure none of that happens while they sleep.

  • ALWS

    Well, thanks for the appreciation. But should you really waste appreciation blindly? What if it fell into the wrong hands? With great appreciation comes great responsibility. There is nothing to appreciate but appreciation itself!
    Now what is it that you could possibly have planned for all of us that we need to prepare for…
    World domination?

  • N3RO

    *o* what's the surprise?

  • Dave Strider


    • Awesome, man! =)

    • ALWS

      The earlier you start, the easier it is! Good news for you; these are surely early days yet for Invisible Bread!

  • Myrealnameistoolong


  • Duke of diarprs

    Party pooo

  • fasd47

    I would go to this party