• Nate

    2! The pancake drawing should count as extra credit though

    • Paul

      I don't know, it wasn't a drawing of a waffle… probably should lose points for that. 😀

  • Oh no. The Pancake Waffles War of 2012 is about to start again. XD

    • ilovesaphie

      I'm part of the TACO TACO TACO team. Does that exist?

  • Mythril

    I didn't even see that he said "sheep lime" instead of "sleep time" until I reread the comic just now. I must be too tired too! 😐

  • Sinclaire

    I like how the test signature says "Ball Game"

  • Iain Sutherland

    I can relate. Have a photo shoot this morning (9am), and I've just got back from the Hobbit premiere (4am)…I will need pancakes, coffee, and lots of it… HELP 🙁

  • Dave

    On the court – guy struggles to levitate basketball with his mind 🙂

    Before I sat my Biology BSc exams, I used to slap myself with a ruler or poke myself with a pen on the back of my hand. The idea was the pain would send adrenaline throughout my body and i'd work better. Unfortunately, it made me wee.

  • david

    The guy is obviously tired; he thinks pancakes are better then waffles.

  • Jeff

    The limit is 2! 😮

    • Jeff

      Oh nevermind, seven hour ninjad.

  • Bonzai

    Aw, everyone already answered the math question…
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

  • PieNinja

    Even in a tired state you can clearly see that the limit is 5.

    …no wait, that's a 3, not infinity.

    I think I need some sleep too.

  • Rendamen

    i just had a college flashback.

  • Random guy

    You gotta call Me Comics Invisible Blog

  • ALWS

    Oh, a math problem! *goes into math mode*
    *works out limit*
    The answer to problem 1 is 1/2. …That was actually just an algebra problem. That guy must be really sleepy.
    Also, if you change 13 in the numerator to 21, change the 5 to a 9, and solve, you get lim x->3 (5x^2-8x-21)/(x^2-9), which actually needs a limit because it's in indeterminate form. You can solve it without L'Hopital's rule, and it comes to 11/3.

    …I like math, and I clearly have too much time on my hands!

    • Matsugo

      Isn't the limit = 2? If you substitute in it becomes 45 – 24 – 13 / 4, or 8 / 4?

      • ALWS

        Oh, oops! Sorry, I worked the limit out wrong the first time, and then I got confused when fixing it. Denominator=/=numerator. You're right, it's 2.

  • Duth Olec

    I've felt like this the past week. Finals for my final semester of college. I am running out of steam.
    It did NOT help that I got sick earlier this week. blegh
    Also I seem to be unable to log in using WordPress??

  • just gotta comics and started reading ..

  • NewToInvisiblebread

    Nice comic as always, and I can relate xD
    The test part really reminded me of another video:

  • Hot Girl

    The answer would have been 7.

  • Matt172

    awsome moo cow +A on test

  • gremlin2243

    the answer is 8/4, so 2

  • Ericka Scoville

    Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, regards . "It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.

  • sap
  • onlinetrainingsexpert

    that’s a three, not infinity.