Put It Together
  • I was totally thinking about this the other day! Plus I work there so I'll get on making this happen!

  • reader

    Heh people can barely drive cars let alone build them 😛
    Plus thousands of workers will be out of jobs 🙁 (except for Ikea which will become the largest automobile company in the world
    We're prolly closer to building a self-driving car than a build-it-yourself car
    Feel better!

    • Paul

      There are kit cars. They are more for the super enthusiast than the budget conscious. Though I suppose you can get an ariel atom kit and have 200K performance for 40K.

  • I love how the manual is a thick book.

  • Oh I know! If everyone had to build their own cars, then people would ride buses and trains more. Thus we all win. +score+

  • DatSwedishLesbian

    But Ikea doesn't sell bilar, except maybe ahlgrens bilar

  • Kristin

    Looks like someone's been watching Top Gear and made themselves a Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust! I approve of this endeavor.

  • tukikagami

    I would like to build an ikea car as well.

    Also I am at 65%, I'm recovering from major heart surgery. You comics have kept me happy while stuck in hospital.

    • Glad I could help in any way with your recovery! You'll be back to 100% soon enough =)

  • PieNinja

    Clearly the solution is to split the difference in cost between an Ikea car and a pre-built car and pay some young, promising kid some money to build it for you. Economics!

  • Code Red

    it would probably be spelled "Kjärr"

  • John

    Better than an apple car – a giant white square which 'crashes' when you 'use it wrong' (try to drive it).

    It would also require a fuel pump nossel which has yet to be invented, but comes with a full tank as standard.

    • Dave_Harmon

      And it’s prone to deciding your destination for you.

  • John

    Hahah, just realised how different the 'close attempt' was to the instructions! xD

  • sandwerm

    If you're at about 80-90% just eat some food. That should fill your health bar right back up to 100%. No need to waste a medkit 😀

  • anthony

    theres gunna be soo many left over parts when i am through with mine…

  • On the bright side, you've got a bunch of boxes.