The Conflict
  • Ben

    I smell some T-shirt merchandising here… or is it waffles?

    • CoolGuy

      Pancakes AND Waffles. They both rock in their own way.

  • Why not have both? 😀

    • Devynn

      why not zoidberg?

    • ALWS

      Waffles on top of pancakes. It is the only way to go.

  • Andrew

    Wrong. Waffles. UNSUBSCRIBED

  • Viraj

    Waffles are clearly the superior breakfast food.

    • ActualHuman

      Bacon are clearly the superior breakfast food.
      I do believe pancakes to be better, but dessert waffles are a beautiful thing. Ha ha I took the time to check my spelilng.

      • Brmbug

        What about waffles with bacon in them?

        • ActualHuman

          It that a thing?

          • WafflesRule

            We can. We have the technology. We can build the greatest breakfast device ever.

    • DavidM

      I can't believe people like you. Don't you understand the full implications of that? This country was meant for – nay, founded upon – the breakfast pancake, and now you step over all that we hold dear?

  • Duth Olec

    The problem with waffles is I can't spread butter (or peanut butter in my case) over them at all. And who needs to hold the syrup, you can just soak it up with a piece cut off.

    • Stuff and Things

      You can warm up the butter (or in your case, peanut butter) in the microwave so that its melted and pour it into the waffles. 🙂

      • Duth Olec

        Ha! Have you ever tried to melt peanut butter?
        Because I haven't. Let me know how that goes.

  • bilbs

    Can't we all just eat French Toast and get along?

    • Alphonse

      Comparing any breakfast food to French toast is just not fair. It's too delicious.

    • Lord Circe

      Even better… invisible french bread!


      • Duth Olec

        Quick, someone start translating Invisible Bread into French. I'll start work on the Unsichtbares Brot translation I guess?? wait no i've forgotten everything about deutsch, never mind

  • Shammers

    Why don't you donate some invisible bread store monies to the campaign!

    • I have!

      • zibodiz

        Just a thought, but how about a "Team _[breakfast food]_" shirt with partial proceeds going to Copper?

  • Andres

    Do u guys in the US eat pancakes like this ->… ?
    Here in Argentina we eat them with "Dulce de Leche", something like caramel syrup, but super thick/dense… It's awesomeeee

    • zibodiz

      We call those Crepes.

  • Applejack
  • Sct

    So if you start out liking waffles, but you change your mind, have you pancaked?

    Do people who like waffles also frequently wear flip-flops?

  • JoAnn

    I would like to see pancakes do this!!

  • rfk


  • Zera

    Aw c'mon! Remember our talk about the pancake shirt?! Haha, now I want the pancake AND waffle shirt!

  • SirWiggles

    I made a recipe for Wafflecakes.
    Now why don't we all just calm down ad eat some Wafflecakes.

  • Taylor

    Yay pancakes!

  • Dan

    I need a team waffles t-shirt now.

  • James

    Waffles are just as good as Pancakes.

    Of course, given that waffles take special equipment and are a bit harder to syrup, that really means pancakes win.

  • Batter Blasters batter is misguidedly designed to work for pancakes or waffles.. I assume it m akes lousy waffles but it makes crispy chewy delicious pancakes

  • Emily

    Pancakes are just waffles without the texture. :/ TEAM WAFFLE.

  • Benj

    Oh sky cake… why are you so delicious ?? 😉

  • Darn it! Wish I would have posted this more quickly, but here: I have a solution to the whole problem!

  • Eline

    In Norway, pancakes are used for dinner. Yumyum. And without all the syrup. Syrup for me is basically melted sugar (or something) and extremely sticky. No seriously. It's impossible to pour, takes an hour before anything gets to the plate.

    Anyways. Team pancakes for dinner, team waffles for dessert! 😀

  • lightningpelt

    I love pancakes, but waffles are clearly the superior breakfast food. With pancakes is like, sit down… choose toppings… and usually eat far too much. All within the span of an hour. With waffles its like grab-toaster-pop!-spread (if applicable) and out the door! Boom, done! Perfect breakfast. <3

    … I have two blueberry waffles for breakfast every day. Just like that. =w=

  • brownunderwear

    Just gonna throw this out there: crepes.

    • SirLibraryEater

      Now there's a third team? I had to lock myself in a nuclear bomb shelter for three days with nothing but a stack of pancakes and a stack of waffles to decide, and even then pancakes only won by a slim margin! Now i have to choose between pancakes & crepes! WHYYYYYYYY, BROWNUNDERWEAR, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *gasp* YYYYYYYYYYYY????

  • John

    WAFALUUUUU!!!!! D:

  • Brmbug

    Okay, but once you choose a side, then you get to get into further un-civil wars over toppings. Nutella, no Nutella, flavor of syrup, Peanut butter, jelly, etc.
    I myself am bi-breadual. I like PB and Strawberry on m' waffles, and all the syrups on my pancakes.

    • neurofuzzy

      I'm not going to come here and tell you what you can and cannot do in the safety of your own home, but the state has a mandate on the sanctity of pancakes. You can't just upturn everything, it goes against the intentions of a plate. A plate cannot have a pancake and waffle on it at the same time. What are we, Aussies?!

      • Kevin


  • Jamie

    Team Ebleskiver!

  • Team Pancake! That it all.

  • SirLibraryEater

    Ok, i've decided. I'm Team Pancakes-with-generous-amounts-of-Nutella-and-peanut-butter-and-sometimes-syrup-or-honey-but-only-on-special-occasions.

  • Sweet Tooth

    Either, as long as you can pour a quarter cup of sugar on it.

    …someone tell me I'm not the only one who does this thing.

  • Dude…I just had an idea for how to make an awesome wafflecake! Get one of those Texas waffle molds, then get a mold you can put on a griddle or frying pan (also of Texas; can you tell where I'm from?), make a TX waffle and a TX pancake, pour syrup into the waffle, then cover it w/ the pancake! PURE AWESOMENESS!! I guess it could also work w/ circular waffles and pancakes, too, but that's not as much fun.

  • Nichgq

    You don't happen to watch Good Mythical Morning, Invisible Bread Man, Do you? Rhett and Link had this same argument on their morning show yesterday!

    • That's awesome =) This battle will never end.

  • loopadoopzoop

    Aww, the Copper donation time expired 🙁

  • hikaru

    Waffles are ok, they do hold syrup and jelly like basket-goods gods. But i prefer pancakes more 🙂 soft, light, and fluffy. Also they soak up syrup reeeeal good…… ok now I'm drooling.

  • Kieran Cunningham

    Waffles for the win, but we can all agree that toast is so 1950's.

  • whkazoo

    puncakes and Belgian waffles. mmm

  • _____


  • Lauren Brown

    This comic is cut off. Just noticing it as I random surf through the comic.

  • Matthew Helmuth

    wow has a debate over waffles and pancakes really started in the comment section? i mean im not surprised… but wow

  • me