Pan Problems
  • People talking to their kitchen utensils are always funny! 😀

    • craftsandhistory


  • Tromse

    But cousin microwave is very not good at making pancakes!
    So 1:0 for pan and stove I guess?

    • Starche

      Why would you want to make pancakes when you could have waffles?

      • Tromse

        Why would you want to make waffles when you could have pancakes?

      • craftsandhistory

        I agree :).
        Go Team W!!!

    • SouthOfHeaven97

      pancakes in the stove?

      • alex

        you put things in an oven

        you put things on a stove (like pancakes)

  • John

    Don't even get me *started* on that guy baking tray. Sitting in the oven all the time, just waiting for a bit of finger flesh to sneak past the tea-towl barrier. What's his problem :/

    • ActualHuman

      I first envisioned a person dubbed "the baking tray guy" who sits inside of an open oven with a little towel separating him from the outside world, biting people who dare to enter his domain. Then i understood.

      • Dylan

        At first, I thought you meant to type "that guy's baking tray" and I was wondering if I missed something

  • Evan

    idea: pot/pan handles with heat sensitive markers in place which change color from blue to red when hot.

    so essentially mood rings for pans.

  • pan

    this guy is pan-dering his pan? /lamepun

    • ALWS

      Look! It's Pan, the Greek god of nature!

      • Flakes

        You guys could stand to improve your skillet puns

        • ALWS

          For a second, I thought you were criticizing my mediocre, griddling, groan-inducing pun, but then I noticed the "skill at" pun.

      • Dave_Harmon

        Pan is everything…

  • swenka

    I don't have any new puns or jokes. But I must say, I cannot stop laughing.

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  • Brmbug

    Hell, if frying pan feels like that, imagine how food feels! That's why you always must let your food rest after cooking. Cooking really upsets food.

  • Carlyndra

    Lyk dis if u cry erytime