In Line
  • "Girl person"

    Hahaha xD As always, very funny. Good job! 🙂

  • Jill

    The hidden panel is adorable

  • TinCantime

    Haha, made me think of this video in which Biff Henderson takes a stopwatch and times how long it takes people to react to ridiculous situations.

    I have linked to the part of the video in question, but it's a pretty fun video to watch over-all.

  • Chris

    Those two shirts in the news post have the exact same wrinkles, folds, etc… I'm calling photoshop, I'm an expert at these things, therefore, I declare the shirts aren't real and this entire webcomic has been a giant nigerian scam to get my money… well played sir. But you failed on your final and most crucial step… getting me to send you money for the shirt.

    *desperately hopes someone will find it interesting that he saw the shirts were exactly the same*

    • Yup, they are indeed Photoshopped. When it's a preorder, I prefer doing the shirt mockup as opposed to just showing the graphic that will appear on the shirt. This way, it totally looks like a shirt and all that! The real life ones will also look pretty dang close to the images above as well.

      • ActualHuman

        I better get those folds!

  • heh. it's good to be a girl.

  • ActualHuman

    Today is amazing… But i should probably still try get to the counter and order since i haven't eaten in 3 days.

  • Guest

    I'm so on Team Pancakes =) Anybody care to share your opinion, 'specially you Justin. ;p

  • Firesuite

    What's a girl?

  • This is just too cute. And creepy! Was she stalking him? Either way, LOVE!

  • John

    When I was young I asked a girl out to the cinema, and her Dad came over to drop her off. I was so full of adrenaline that when he parked right on top of my foot I didn't even flinch. He wanted to take us himself instead of having me drive, but I said through gritted teeth "No thank you." He then said some more things that seemed to last forever and eventually rolled off.
    I never told anyone that before – not even the doctor who x-rayed my foot the next day :/|

    • DavidM

      Well, thanks for telling us.

      …because that's awesome and hilarious.

  • blah

    life would be so much easier if this happened irl
    then again life may be super-difficult if other stuff in invisible bread comics happened also ._.

    • Ivan

      So… you’re saying that life with Team Pancakes would be too difficult for you irl? Maybe you should start with Team Oatmeal or Team Wheaties before moving to more difficult concepts!

  • Awww… I want this to happen to me.

  • Matt172

    aww y didnt I find this website earlier! the team waffles shirt is awsome

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