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  • SouthOfHeaven97

    You have like 1000 weeks which means about 200 years. Thats kool.

  • Emanuele

    @SouthOfHeaven97: About 20 years. The price must be really convenient.

    • And that's best case! Average case is 10 years and worst case is literally next thursday.

      • Tasso0

        No, it isn't. A bit less than 20 years is the average case ("expected value"). The best case is it will never ever explode.

    • John G.

      Sorry, but that's not how it works. There's a 30% chance it will explode in the first year and a 97.4% chance it will explode within 10 years.

      • Jay

        Preach it brother!

        News flash: people have poor intuitive understanding of statistics and probability.

      • John G.

        Whoops sorry. I misread the comic to be 1/1000 every day. For a once in a week chance of exploding the odds are much better: Only a 5% chance of exploding the first year and a about a 40% chance of lasting 10 years. The expected life time is a little over 13 years.

        • Ginko

          I entered the comment section in hope of some discussion on the statistics of this and wasn't disappointed.

          • And that's another reason why everyone here is the full-on total awesomes =)

  • Dat face. Bottom left panel.

    • Sean

      Hahahahahaha… Thank you for pointing that out.

    • Carly

      And THAT is the reason I came to the comments section. I'd love to just blow up that ONE panel and plaster it everywhere to share the happiness.

  • Joe

    Some houses do explode! I know, I'm a Realtor!

  • I don't feel like we have enough information about this 1 in 1000 business. Does every week count against that thousand? Or is it like flipping a coin, where the last week would have no bearing on the current week?

    • John G.

      "Every Thursday there's a 1 in a 1000 chance" sounds like independent events to me. In other words on each Thursday there's a 0.1% chance the house will explode, even if it's already been standing there for 1000 Thursdays.

  • Darran

    Mid-2000's housing boom. Let's say it was built at the start of 2004. There has been approximately 510+ Thursdays since then. So it is about 50% of the way through the 1 in 1000 chance of blowing up. Right in the middle of the average case at the moment. Best case for him is that he gets another 10 years out of the house and at worst, next Thursday it will blow up.

    The cost of the home explosion insurance would be pretty high, considering the house is of the explodey nature. I'd like to see any insurance company giving a quote to cover him. At best they would get 10 years of insurance premiums out of him and at worst 1 week (or one year if he pays annually). Either way, they will have to pay out and have to construct a new house in its place within 10 years.

    I do not have an average house price I can use, but since he mentioned that it was a great deal, including insurance, I'll ballpark a low figure of about €75,000. That's a monthly mortgage repayment of about €450 a month (4% over 20 years). The cost of the house insurance would be….

    Ok I'm bored now…

    • Icalasari

      Best case is that it never blows up

      After all, each case is separate, so while the overall chance of it eventually exploding goes up, the chance it blows up on each day doesn't change

      That house may not blow up until the end of the world!

  • Firesuite

    Question: Would the possibility of explosion occurring at 1pm still count if there was daylight savings in place? So to speak, if the clocks go forward, would the possibility of explosion drop to 0 at 1pm, but 0.001 at 2pm?

    Would the explosion trigger be sentient enough to factor in shifts in time that are relative to us, so that the statement in the third panel remains consistent?

    • It's a sentient house, so it is able to adjust for Daylight Saving Time. The house can do many other things too, but the original owner lost the manual.

      • Firesuite

        Ah, well that's a shame. Though I'm sure there would be a .pdf for the manual somewhere if one searches hard enough.

  • The salesman's face in panel 8…I just DIED laughing. Just how excited he got, the transition from panel 7 to 8…I dunno why I just found it so funny. hahaha, thank you, very entertaining 😀

  • That 8th panel is just priceless. 😀