Eat Time
  • Did Guy Fieri shave recently?

    And what's the point of putting up ordering instructions when they're obscured?

    (I too occasionally have spells of chronic indecision… luckily they don't occur during life-threatening situations)

  • ActualHuman

    Just get a plain burger patty with nothing on it except for cooking enough to not get the deads.

  • M. Gouremand

    I'd like an octoburg with raw bacon, baked egg, fried pickles, and grilled beans, please. With american cheese, I guess.

    • ActualHuman


  • Kronikarz

    Chronic Indecision, sounds like something I have. I have a stupid and money-sucking way of dealing with it – if I can't decide on one thing, I just buy all of them.

    I spend half an hour yesterday picking a piece of candy from each of the 50 or so candy boxes in my local Tesco. I might have a problem.

  • krystalmarie

    I always find that there are too many good options or too many bad ones… It's rare that I spot something that I really want over everything else so I end up making some rash decision when they come to take my order… Sometimes I regret it… "Are you sure you want club sandwich, medium cooked, with pickles and ketchup?!" … "Oh wait, which one did I order?" Yea, I'm not a good restaurant customer. :p

  • Durvin

    I never had this problem until the recent wave of gourmet burger places. It's especially bad at the ones where they have home-made sauces with wacky names, like my recent favorite, "yeah sauce".

  • brownunderwear

    I believe more businesses should operate by lunar calendar. They would make much more mooney.

  • PieNinja

    while ( self.isAlive() ) {

    • Haha, nice =)

    • Elliot Sicheri

      ummmm… yes? *head explodes*

  • Turbo Sloth

    I only eat waxing gibbous cheese

  • Richard

    Haha, the "# of pattys" sign is hilarious!
    Great idea, justin
    I hope you don't have copyright on the word 'octoburg' because I'm sure gonna use it eventually!

  • So many omnoms.
    So little time.

  • Sopheria

    Oh god what is it that i'm never supposed to do when ordering those burgers! HOW DO I KNOW IF I'M DOING SOMETHING WRONG?

  • Captain

    I do suffer from indecision. When my parents go out for dinner, they ask me to pick where we should go, and often just to avoid picking a place, I stay home.

  • ALWS

    The first of everything!

  • Luke

    He clearly didn't see the invisible bread in the cupboards.

  • SirLibraryEater

    Why is it that we bake cookies and cook bacon?


    not a juicy one though


  • Ha! I just read from start to finish, and now here I am, at the end! A friend of mine posted the sunshine one (+75) on his page, and then I spent the next 2 days going through your archive (I'm sick, I'm allowed not to do anything productive)! Yay, it was fun! Thank you!

    • Thanks for reading and I'm glad you liked them! There's a lot more comics coming too, so I hope to see you around =)

  • Wow – 8 patties. That alone should give you enough cholesterol for a week.

  • Humphrey

    Is that you on one of the posters?

    • *cue very late response*
      Yup, you found me!

  • Elliot Sicheri

    i just downloded that avast secrurity system… why are there 24 sites tracking my actions on this page???