Tough Decision
  • RaichuKFM

    You don't know? You were lucky enough to stumble upon a pizza-chaun! They only emerge every so often; They spend most of their time baking in the asthenosphere.

  • SouthOfHeaven97

    How do you steal pizza? Do you rob a pizzeria or something because that would be hilarious.

    • theANdROId

      Dangit! I coulda sworn I put that pizza in the oven thingie…but it never came out! Guess I'll try again for the 47th time!

    • MasterGlitch

      I have this image in my head of someone running a pizza delivery car off the road and robbing it like an armored car in an old mob movie or something.

    • The most ideal places for a thief to go is to a house (lots of expensive valuables) , to a bank (lots of money), or to a Pizzeria (lots of dough). This is a serious comic about the life of a man who sells stolen pizza on the black market (shadow economy).

  • Chris Kopcow

    Sounds like my kinda pizzeria!

  • Vampiro

    This coffee mug thing is utter BS man. Discrimination against us English Tea / Warm Human Blood drinkers.



      Human blood's okay, I guess. BUT TEA IS EVIL.

      • RaichuKFM



      • crashsuit

        I drink 15 cups of strong black tea a day, and I ain't even mad.

  • Marcello

    hah, pretty funny backstory. i scored a £4 12" pizza the other weekend, so happy!

    • Colin

      If I had a four-pound pizza, I'd eat for days!

  • Larz

    There is a guy who does this on my campus all the time. On Monday he had these huge burritos 3 for a dollar and on Wednesday he has 3 dollar pizza.
    He is the un-offical school mascot.

  • Garrett

    It isn't all that uncommon for pizza places, for one reason or another, to end up with extra pizzas. If it is a laid back sort of establishment, people usually just take them home and feed their family or friends. If a really big mistake is made and alot of extras are around, sometimes people who's shift is just ending will take a bunch of them and try to sell them off at a discount and pocket the cash instead of just throwing them away. Going to a college football game that is just about to let out is probably the best possible place to dump alot of pizzas as fast as you can before they get old. Mystery solved!

    Myself, I would usually just cut out the middle man and take them to one of the local bars where I knew the staff was cool and give it to them and drink for free that night.

  • Travis

    and now I need some pizza…which I had for lunch today and will now have for lunch or dinner tomorrow

  • rured

    why is there a black market for pizza

  • Mineblock5000

    The mug is that bonus panel from that coffee one!

  • XJX

    Hey, this must be where that guy got those dollar tacos!!
    I wonder what side effects the pizza and burgers are?