Ask Her Out!
  • Wait what? A positive ending?

    Where can one pick up one of these courage meters?

    • It's already inside of you!

      • ActualHuman

        I'm scared, get it out of me!

        • Benny Gobblecoque

          If you can get it out than I wanna buy a better one.

      • ALWS

        What a treasure!

  • This comic gives me the feel goods. I AM PLEASED

  • Sadly… this never happens in real life…. __

  • Sakubo

    Love it 😀

  • Nate

    Thumbs Up????? I only see one thumb. Where's the other thumb?!

    • Alphonse

      The girl is probably giving one too, she's just off-panel. 🙂

  • Chris Kopcow

    I think these crazy kids are gonna make it after all.

  • Flakes

    I've spent my whole life trying to fill my courage meter ._.

  • Zera

    If only it were that easy!

  • These comics are always so nice. It makes me happy that there are still people that got nice stuff to say/draw.

  • TallCrazyKid

    I tried this today but at the last second my courage meter dropped 5 points when I saw her:( but I promise to keep trying!!!

  • Captain Jack

    I love the courage meter at the beginning. xD

  • Anthony

    i have this comic reserved in a special place in my Favorites under 'random stuffs'

  • SirLibraryEater

    I was going to try a similar thing, but my courage meter's thingamajigger was on the fritz. I'm going to need one serious, grade-A thingy for to fix it.

  • DellysOkta

    what an ending.. 🙂