• warwolf

    he returns!
    also great one today

  • Starchie

    To be fair, that shirt looks great on everyone.

  • …where's Quick Song 1 then? I'm curious!

  • Zera

    Justin. Do you run this website on your own?

  • Alphonse

    When we establish a colony on Mars, I'm voting for Space Snake as President.

    • Alphonse

      Gah. Lowercase 'p.' Forgive me, grammar friends. 🙁

  • JoAnn

    Have you been reading my facebook page? I just posted a pic the other day of my dog on mars.

    • neurofuzzy

      I find that hard to believe, the post doesn't deliver to mars.

  • Bonzai

    Comic is great but that metal riff totally overshadowed it. You should have saved the riff for a crappy comic, if you can even make one.

    • Glad you liked it! Hopefully one day the riff will grow into a complete song.

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    Am I the only one curious as to how a talking snake took down a laser shooting rover? Or why the rover has a laser in the first place?!

  • Chris Kopcow

    I really hope Space Snake is a real thing

    • neurofuzzy

      Woah. Well… I saw some really nervous people in the command room when the first pictures were coming down…