How To Dance
  • CheerfulUser

    Thanks a lot next time I am required to dance I now know just what to do (i think).

  • Jim

    I usually just stand there and twitch

  • Elliott

    This comic is awesome! Thank you so much!

  • coolcalx

    I love the guy in yellow in the back 😀

  • Parker

    I am The green shirt guy.

  • Jacob

    This is one of my favorite Invisible Breads of all time! This was well worth effort!

  • JoAnn

    Friggin awesome, I opened this comic while Billy Joel was singing "in the middle of the night" on my computer, and THEY ALL DANCED ALONG!!!! Made my day 😀

  • Hal


  • Julia

    This is some nice work, Justin. Especially when watched with the suggested music! 😀

  • esther

    will send a link to my son 🙂

  • Nico

    …Justin, does your avatar dances with his hands in his pockets?

    • He doesn't know what to do with his hands/arms on the dance floor.

  • I'm so glad you all like the comic =) It definitely took some more time, but was totally worth it!

  • Ren

    IAmAPenguin goes perfectly with the 3 kick drum beats… LOVE!!! And yellow shirt dude is definitely killin it.

  • Oraticus

    I think red-shirt and IAmA Penguin were meant to be together… they seem to grove with similar dance steps.

    Also, Justin, it looks like your eyebrows are loosely hinged to you face, and are jostled around due to the momentum of your bouncing dance moves. Did you have a traumatic eyebrow-related accident as a child?

  • Kristin

    Love this totally! Green-shirt seems to be workin' up his courage to make his way over to dance with The Stepper. He's got optimistic eyebrows. I'm rooting for those crazy kids to get together now. Also, my dance track of choice was


    Thank goodness I'm a guy. I don't think I could handle the stepping.

  • HunterJE

    I've discovered that if you're a larger dude (which I fall at the lower border of), you can do insane dance moves not having any clue what you're doing, and you get mad props for it; think John Goodman in True Stories. (What do you mean you haven't seen it? You know what, I'll give you a moment, go find a copy and watch it right now. … OK, now where was I?) I think it may be on the same principle that a dancing bear doesn't have to dance terribly well, the trick is that he's dancing.

  • firealpha

    Justin, July 12 is my birthday. I was thinking to myself for a few weeks, "Gee, I hope Invisible Bread is extra awesome on my birthday."

    You did not disappoint.

  • AhmedF

    Tried listening to it synched along with Dynamite like you suggested: It's like there's a party on my screen!

  • Timmagio

    Not only one of the best Invisible Bread's of all time, but one of the best comic strips I've seen anywhere. And yes, Dynamite works a charm, Allen Wrench just nails that chorus.


  • Paul

    Ya… I gave up on dancing a long time ago, after my attempts to keep twitching led to me accidentally hitting the person next to me.

  • Zera

    Could I marry this website?

    • GUEST

      It's already married to squirrel science. For an intangible concept, it's very sexy.

      • GUEST

        Sorry, too many its.
        TAKE TWO:
        Invisible Bread is already married to the science of squirrels. For an intangible concept, squirrelogy is very sexy.

  • sickboy

    nice move justin (stripey shirted guy). must look pretty weird raising your eyebrows the whole time. haha 😀 btw i love the stepper!! 🙂

    • My eyebrows deserve a good dancin' too =)

  • LuckyStar7

    I used Walk by Foo Fighters.
    It worked perfectly.
    You should do this more often, Justin.

  • mariomanpaul

    I tried it with What is Love, the stepper gets the first part and then Justin does the chorus head-bob. I love this comic!

  • LuckyStar7

    "Moves Like Jagger" is my personal favorite.

  • reader

    man i laughed the first time around just watching the stick figures dance
    and second time watching them dance to dynamite 😀 the moves are so stoic

  • Brmbug

    Giggle. This works quite well with Adele's Rollin' in the Deep.

  • Ian Feagins

    I've found that this syncs up rather well with "Nine Thou (Superstars Remix)" by Styles of Beyond. Remixed by that Grant Mohrman feller that I don't know too much about.

  • :D fun times

    seven nation army works pretty nicely too. On a different note, this comic is brilliant. (I may be here a while)

  • allison

    this made my day. props to you for getting me to voluntarily listen to dynamite.

  • wherearecats

    I like this photo… is nice… but it definitely needs a cat… why no cat? Cats likes towels, yes?

  • As amusing as the animated image is, I have to agree with it. I'm actually also a little curious how us guys can get away with calling just about any movement a dance.

  • Darkstar
  • Geeky

    How girl dancing works (at least how I think it does):

    Make up one or two dance moves then do countless variations of said dance moves to fit in with the music you’re dancing to.

  • Geeky

    I’m highly convinced that The Allen Wrench goes along with every song that has ever existed

  • Zach

    I’m too Sexy by Right Said Fred is my go to song for this comic. I come back to it every couple months probably.