• Liz


    • eld

      Super Meat Boy doesn't really have puzzles and it's mostly just trial and error, I don't see how an explanation would help much.

  • i spent a few seconds trying to figure out what the little card thing was (my mind kept wondering where the laptop was, for checking the forum). Then I realised that it was a phone…

  • asdasd

    May I recommend the Universal Hint System?

  • Dude… I think you just came up with a great idea for a website. It's like game walkthroughs, but it's got easily-searchable sections and only gives you tiny hints at a time! It's would take a million years to write guides like that, but… it would be awesome! XD

    • "universal hint system" is this very site… I wish I would have came up wit the idea, too.

  • Billy

    You forgot the overwhelming sense of guilt he feels whenever he tells someone he beat the game by himself.

  • wheatley14

    this is how i beat portal 2.

  • Bubbles

    I love how he holds the controller. I guess a lack of thumbs and fingers would holding and playing at the same time difficult 😛

  • Vigs

    This is pretty much how I'm getting all the Riddler stuff in Arkham City.

  • Did anyone else misread the website name as ""?

    Because for the first two minutes that's what I thought it said and I was laughing so hard

  • Chris Kopcow

    that happened to me for braid…i promised myself i wouldn't look because i knew as soon as i did, it would show me a solution

  • GR8

    Why is there no A walkthroughI love the smug face, I should make that the background of my pc

  • Ian Feagins

    Taking a wild guess and saying this somehow relates to New Vegas.

  • Nico

    Fez's monolith still hasn't been truly solved, even online. It has been brute forced

    Fez's what's-my-name riddle, on the other hand… If I ever find someone who solved it on its own, I'll high five them through the earth!

    • That person will definitely deserve a high five of that magnitude.

  • Peter

    I still remember the very first game I beat without a walkthrough / solutions. Best. Feeling. Ever.

    The game was Braid by the way. Check it out, it's pretty sweet.

  • Mikko

    Me in Kingdom Hearts

  • Fasd47

    I laughed when i saw this… then i kinda sighed… this is me