Lunch Break
  • Evan

    when i read "lunch time" i had mentally superimposed that onto the face of the watch and took a double take and was disappointed to not see it actually there in place of the 12 tick…

    there is a hot dog guy at my school SJSU in CA who is or is not in his usual spot randomly. its always a gamble on my way to the bus home. do i just settle for something or do i risk that he isn't there and end up being hungry on the way home?
    they are very good hot dogs.

  • DashP

    "I don't have your food here… It's in Bill's house and–and Fred's house!"

    • GUEST

      Bill and Fred's? Excellent!

  • Mr Grammar Nazi would like to say: *its employees, not it's.

    …and I still can't un-see the bowling ball heads and the grey dots at the corners of the panels >.<

    • Given how tired I was last night, I'm surprised that's the only thing that slipped by! I fixed it up. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Chris Kopcow

    NBA Jam elbows always looked really painful in the game.

  • Oraticus

    *Elbows someone in the kidney* BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA

  • theANdROId

    While I enjoy this comic…I'm not sure I understand how yelling that there was only enough for five people was supposed to help…wouldn't that just make more people stampede in with their NBA Jam elbows ablaze so they could get the food that was there?

    • That dude went into full out panic mode very quickly. He should have kept that part to himself, but wasn't thinking. At least that's the story I had in my head when I wrote that panel =)

      • ActualHuman

        So he only had enough food for five people and then he go really hungry?

  • PogoJoe

    Do all of the guys in the light-blue work for the same company? Maybe the dark-blue guy does too and is violating dress code.

  • loopadoopzoop

    Important guy? *scoff* I'm an important NASA guy!

  • redautumn

    I don't get it Jim's food cart is the only place where you can buy foods in that city

  • shubhdeep

    I didn't understand it because i'm only about 10 years old.