• Thursday

    <—–jiggling iphone 4s winner spam fake window right there. Grargh.

    • Grargh indeed. Lemme let me ad networks know. Thanks for the report.

  • Only four options? That's really a limited social vocabulary they have

  • Ellieface

    What. I monkey hug my friend ALL the time!

  • Commedia 2X00

    Jump-hugs are fine for tiny friends, but not for fat ogre friends. I'm sorry, but the many hug types are discriminatory like that.

  • I'm going to see a friend I haven't seen in over a year today, perfect timing in putting this up! Sending this to that friend now.

  • Dan

    Panel 5: So Happy
    Panel 6: Beginning to suspect made a mistake.
    Panel 7: Knows he's wrong and gonna stick it out anyways.
    Panel Hidden: Still hasn't let go….just gonna have to stay there till he drops from exhaustion.

  • That fifth panel makes me laugh every time…

  • Head hug! 🙂

  • Pablo


  • Valent

    Why isn't high five an option?

  • Brynn

    The power of glomp…. yay.

  • APe-some things

    is he missing an arm in panel 5 (green dude)

  • loopadoopzoop

    Screw you, I just burst out in laughter in the middle of school.

    • Ah! Be careful! These comics must be cautiously consumed =)