• oh my god nooo I do this all the time

  • Chris Kopcow

    In my failed efforts to laugh quietly at work reading this, I took on this really weird shaky breathing pattern and now everyone here thinks I'm a creep. Worth it.

    • I just flat out laughed out loud for far too long and looked totally unprofessional. 🙂

  • theANdROId

    Then there are the people who can't pronounce something, but are think they're smart enough to pronounce it:
    "I'll have the Duel-say Duh Lee-shay" (Dulce de Leche)
    "I'll have the Shy-Ken Fine-jare Bah-Skeet" (Chicken Finger Basket)
    If you listen closely, you can hear the disdain in the server's voice when they repeat your order back to you, pronouncing it properly! (So now I stick with pointing!)

  • Amy

    I love this. Like more than a friend.

    • This comic loves you back, don't worry. It's begun writing it's first name plus your last name all over its notebooks.

  • So the guy on vertical stripes is always you?

    • Yup, that's always me!

      • GUEST

        That's because he's an escaped convict who can't afford new clothes.

  • Oraticus

    Even better if you repeatedly and fervently tap the entree picture on the menu, then followed up by fervently pointing at your gaping maw, a la this guy:

  • ActualHuman

    This. This comic. I want to eat this comic. Please make an edible version and put it on a menu so I can eat it. Make a comic menu.

  • I like pointing from far away so they have to guess.

  • A_Level

    What I like to do is point at something, and order something completely different.

  • Jenny

    hi mr. boyd,
    could you explain to me the significance of the multiple occlupanids on your website?
    i appreciate it!

    • They are from all the bags of Invisible Bread I've been eating

  • Kristin

    Hey there! You! Your comics always make me laugh…so thanks for that. It is much appreciated when I am feeling otherwise bummed out. So, yeah. Kudos!

    • Thanks! Unbumming people is what I like to do =)

  • I went to a place today and it was so loud that I decided to try this out. No, it's not because I couldn't pronounce "lemonade"! (Pretend I'm pronouncing that as however it's supposed to be pronounced.)
    Also the birthday restaurant thingamajiggy also took place a few tables over.

  • MePlayingGames

    I point because there has been at least once where there were two similar dishes and because one was in the combo section and the other wasn’t, I got way more food than I intended. Pointing is to a menu can save you $$s!

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  • Dave_Harmon

    I used to hang out in various Chinatowns… in the bad old days, there were plenty of places where a white (then-)kid like me had to order by pointing at the food!