• Jae

    If it were scout he'd cry even more.
    "Zis iz Zcout! Rainbows make me cry!"

  • Squiisies

    If you were trying to make a comic I absolutely must have as a print, you succeeded Justin. Now to spend the next few days weeping over the $6 international shipping before deciding that it doesn't matter because my entire being will dissolve into nothing if I don't buy this.
    Yes, new favourite comic.

    • Yeah, I can echo that sentiment… (except without the international shipping part! 😀 )

  • Chris Kopcow

    There's something beautiful about this.

  • I want to see a tiny rainbow shooting out of his tear!

    • Brynn

      That would make sense actually….
      …huh. I think I'm going to make a website for comics now! *scoots away to figure out how to make a website*

  • asdasd

    Later, he has his name changed by deed poll to Ray N. Bow.

  • That’s awesome! The sun is such a nice guy :’D so beautiful.

  • Mike

    The sun is a real team player!

  • Dan

    Otherwise known as the day the Leprechaun economy collapsed.

  • Ashfire

    Rainbow Dash!

  • Oraticus

    @ extra panel: … and thus he became a human version of Nyan Cat.

  • I would forgive the sun for all its crimes against my skin… if it would do this..

  • i love this so much, justin! :DDDD *pukes rainbows!

    • Great to hear =D

      Wait a minute. Your name, I definitely know it… yes! The unboxing video for the LHT book =) Thanks again for making that video!

  • rainbowfan

    why are all the rainbows coming out of water?

    • Looks extra pretty that way!

      • craftsandhistory

        and water and sun makes rainbows!

  • serenasahota

    My brother sent this to me in an email, I have now been on this site for about an hour . . . I have a dissertation due in on Friday . . . ah it can wait!!

    • There's still enough time =)

      Welcome to the site!

  • Elizabeth

    This makes me want to go yell encouragement to the sun!! Poor guy, no one ever encouraged him in his art…

  • Athena


  • Like "Sunshine on My Shoulders" for rainbows.

  • Asdfghjkl

    Double Rainbow..

  • Dave_Harmon