• …and it shall be christened the iCarpet using certified Genie™ levitation technology

  • Starchie

    Here is hoping for a good battery life.

    • I'd give up the flying stuff for some good battery life.

      • I'd never hop onto one if it didn't have a good battery life in the first place

  • Hey, I just noticed that the guy pointing at the recently popular comics is the comic strip manifestation of you! Don't you get bored standing there, pointing at comics all day?

    • ActualHuman

      He doesn't, but his manifestation does. It's trying to fight for equal rights, but sadly lacks the ability to move, and thus lacks the ability to go on strike.

      • Charles

        He actually has hair in real life. I don't know if it's as cool. But he does have hair.

        • Listen to Charles. He's real life friends with me. He knows everything there is to know about my real-life hair.

          Of course, this is assuming you are THAT Charles and not that other Charles.

        • Cara

          Hi Charles! You should comment more!

    • My arm has fallen asleep a long long long time ago. I can't even tell it's there anymore.

  • Ren

    You found my bread tie!!

  • theANdROId

    This is like the most awesome idea ever!

  • asdasd

    I like how the 'my phone' part of his phone accounts for less than a tenth of its interface.

    Actually, thinking about it, that's already the case for most phones.

  • Pyrobo

    Epic. But by then, I think I'll have an Iphone and a PS3 while everyone is using this and the newer coming consoles. 🙁

  • Bubbles

    Hey, did you see? This got featured on I Can Has Cheeseburger?

  • Liavocado

    It's 2013 and no hoverphones WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

  • Hero_Of_Flames

    Still no hoverphones…

  • Doctor Bill McFly

    Hello, mortals. I am from the future.(2015 to be exact) We still don’t have floating Iphones. Or hoverboards. We do have blankets with sleeves, though!