Cool Guy
  • Aita

    He's pretty smart for a frat boy/douchebag: He figured out how bad he had it without even needing to be electrocuted!

    Pro-tip: never attempt to enter a comp-sci dorm without a static strap and a good source of grounding, for too many of them read BOFH religiously and genuinely think he has good ideas <__<


    • Reki

      Many people say that you should always use a static strap when handling anything electronic.

      To tell the truth, either you have the gift of death or your don't. Some people can chew the components and have them still work, while others only have to be within a foot of one. I work in my PC all the time on a carpet without a strap and have yet to have a single problem. 😛

  • Giraffe Fan

    I thought it was pretty cool.

  • Sadly, my university had too many fratboys/sorority girls. The numbers gave them enough reinforcement that they never had to be introspective.

  • Shammers

    Did you.. Put the the extra panel in the original comic and hide it away like Swiper?! :O how geniusly clever of you!

  • Dan

    I love how quick glasses-guy is to tell him to leave instead of inviting him to join them.

    Revenge is a dish best served with a side of ice cream.

    • Noni Mausa

      "revenge…" That's a must-steal quote. Thx.

  • danny

    aw man all your stuff is just great and gives me the feel goods. and this comic you suggested is just as great. Heck yeah! good way to end my long day.

  • Amaster

    I was never the cool guy in high school, so college was a great time to come out of my shell and embrace my true nerdiness.

    • I was so happy when I got to college and discovered that practically half my hallway was capable of building a computer =)

  • Noni Mausa

    Going from HS to college for me was like emerging from a Chilean coal mine. There's a Japanese folktale about a girl who was offered her choice of when to experience her happiest years — in the first half of her life, or the second half. She chose the second half, and then had a hardworking anxious married life, followed by middle age and old age of pride, peace and contentment. I'm glad now that I wasn't popular in HS — not that it was ever very likely…

  • superninjasquirrel

    The guy on the right was the same cool guy who got ejected!

  • …I love this! EVERYONE, FOLLOW ME! *begins dancing through the hallways*

  • shubhdeep

    didn't understand it yo I am cool

    • shubhdeep

      you are so annoying shubheep you are ruining my name

  • shubhdeep

    @PyroBo is weird

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