Making Some Comics
  • Shagzilla

    "Oh I'm sorry son, what page are the jokes on?" Parents always know EXACTLY what to say! (wrong…) Great work keep it up! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday!

  • Giraffe Fan

    Your mother sounds very understanding. I cannot show anything I created to my parents without them seeing some sort of grievous insult against them in it, even if it's just a giraffe eating some leaves.

    • GiraffeMom2007

      That giraffe's glasses look an awful lot like your mother's glasses; is this some joke about my eating habits??

    • Number1GiraffeDad33

      Your mother is deeply offended, son. I'm disappointed in you.

  • My mother once said "I really liked your comic today because it's the only one you've done recently that didn't have obscene language".

  • Kathleen

    At first I thought your mother was a man wearing a leather pilot hat…

    • Asdfghjkl

      I cannot get that out of my head.

  • Oraticus

    But son, those people at the bottom of the page in the "comments" area are a rowdy bunch… I’m just saying, I’m worried about the crowd you’re falling in with, son of mine…

  • Kintrex

    That is the best pouty face.

  • My mom got a deviantart account so she could see my drawings of naked ladies that they don't let unregistered people see.. and she's still proud of me.. thaaanks Mom.. could've used some of that acceptance when I was growing up..

    • CAV

      But if you had had that acceptance maybe you wouldn't have ended up drawing naked ladies… and there would have been nothing to be proud of now, hehe XP

      • GUEST

        Yes, instead he would have gotten a boring job as a scientist where he figured out how to use cold fusion to save the world from global warming and to create time travel. That would have been terrible! 😉

  • CAV

    Yep, kinda the same happens when my mom reads my comics… I have to explain to her the joke a couple of times most of the time… and also I get the = look…
    I think they are planning on getting me institutionalized or something

  • Does she know about the bonus panel???

    • I don't think she does. Shhhhhhhhhh =)

      • GUEST

        *replies a day late* Oh, no! She doesn't know about the comments, does she?

      • I feel dumb, but after reading LOTS of your comics, and a bunch of comments, I still can't find the Pi symbol with the bonus panel that's referenced… Am I stupid?

        • It used to be a pi, but it's now a little bread. It's hidden until you mouse over it.

          Also, thanks for giving my comics a read and welcome to the site! I'm glad you like what you see so far!

          The invisible bread is immediately to the left of the bread tie that's to the right of the comic =)

  • ActualHuman

    Wait wait wait wait. This sight has jokes? That explains so much….

    • ActualHuman


      • GUEST

        You meant to say site? That explains so much…

        • ActualHuman

          Um no. I simply enjoy randomly commenting site.

  • over the Rainbow

    Heh, my mom sometimes does that to.__I once drew a comic and my mom said that it was drawn really nice._Then i told my mom to actually read it, and it took her a few minutes to get the joke._my dad and sister are a different story.

  • You kinda… you might have gotten your finger in the frame… just a little bit….

  • wherearecats

    Is that a cat in the photo? It better be…

  • Hahaha the bonus panel is so awesome.