Let’s Cook!
  • aescula

    Pastas are nice and easy. And variable. and delicious.

    • Giraffe Fan

      I also recommend leafy salads, they are less likely to explode into flames … and they balance well on the top of trees!

  • MikeSoWhat

    Haha, "The fire is enormous!" Love it.

  • naleta

    My husband did that once during his bachelor days. He put the pan on the stove, turned on the heat and went back to his typewriter. At least he hadn’t put any food in the pan, yet. He lived in an upstairs apartment and it filled with smoke. The fire department came and put a huge (4 feet across) fan in the doorway downstairs to suck all the smoke out of the apartment. His cat Pookie hid in the closet during all the excitement and strongly disapproved of his smoking for the rest of her life.

  • theANdROId

    Maybe this guy did have something in the pan that caught fire enormously. Perhaps the ingredients for his simple "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" were special: Swiss cheese that was extra extra holey, and bread that was…I dunno…


    • PrinceSS TeDDy

      i don't get it?

      • hi

        I’m a little late for this one, but… What’s the name of this webcomic?

  • Ren

    Extra panel= every dorm student's life.

    • Amaster

      Oh, there was a guy named Steffan who lived in my dorm that would often do real cooking and invite us to help eat it.

  • Aita

    I have always enjoyed cooking, because as QC put it so perfectly "Baking is like Science for Hungry People!"

    I have two books of notes for differences in recipes, figuring out where various breaking points are for things and how it all goes together.

    This was kicked into overdrive when I discovered that I'm allergic to milk, and I decided to learn a lot of new cooking styles, including, especially, Asian foods which don't normally use milk. The ability to craft my own sushi is great ^__^

  • I'm sure he'll manage to set something on fire in the microwave.

    • ActualHuman

      Try metals like tinfoil. Mmmm…. tinfoil…

  • IZfan2

    Well, it's better then the time my sister managed to burn the macaroni… and the pan. 😛
    The suace was good though.. 😀

  • Hal

    "Best cookist" should be made into a T-shirt.

    • Giraffe Fan

      Except include a lower part of the frame with the frying pan on fire while he's daydreaming. 😀

    • blue

      you have to include the, "it's you! ( :D" part

  • Davy

    The third panel expanded so you can see the pan already having an enormous fire should be a t-shirt.

  • Evan

    Did you draw this from that Simpsons moment when Homer made a bowl of cereal that subsequently burst into flames?

    • I actually don't remember that part of the episode, but I do remember a couple other parts. Just read the plot of the episode and it sounds familiar. It's probably been 10-15 years since I've seen the episode. Wow, dang!


    Use the sodium bicarbonate, not the dihydrogen monoxide.
    We had a thing in school where they taught us about the "dangers of dihydrogen monoxide." Then somebody asked about it when I was nearby and I overheard the teacher say it was water, or give a hint that it was water.
    Can you tell from my tendency to go off topic that I am ADHD and not medicated?

    • Ian Feagins

      You are, too?! 😀

  • Burn babby burn! 🙂

  • We all love Chef Mike. Mike Roe Wave.

  • blue

    "I didn't even turn on the stove yet"

    • GUEST

      "…Wait, I don't understand. The stove is unplugged. ……Wait, since when do I have a stove?"

      • ActualHuman

        and since when did I have a kitchen that my stove is in? And where did this house come from?

        • Ian Feagins

          "And why didn't I just go eat at Burger King or something?"

  • One of the best comics, you made so far.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ilikebread

    O_O I cant cook…AT ALL.

  • Vic

    WOW i JUST realized why the comic is called invisible bread. /facepalm

    • GUEST

      Well, it used to be pi, and the comic was never called invisible pi.

      • The pi was both a reference to The Net and I thought it looked like an abstract piece of bread. But then I eventually decided to make it clear that yeah, it's a bread =)

  • mary

    i love your "think" face

  • I think this is relevant. You're not the only one with a cooking problem! 🙂 http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/395265

  • 24601

    One day…. I burned Ramen and then the burner cover… Same day. :'D

  • Madame Kagamine

    I once burnt ramen…I think…!