• Paul

    Have you been spying on my life?

  • I think the slide including two cats would be too gore for the audience

    • Cold Person

      Yep, cat's always on my side.

      I basically have a pillow to sleep on.

  • Justin! I woke up like this, to this! Nailed it!

    • Today was one of the few days where I had the whole bed to myself because Cara fell asleep on the couch. I still ended up only using my little sliver as shown in the 5th panel =P

      • Well I'm guessin' I should be gettin' ready for this eventuality, shouldn't I? My girl hasn't moved in yet, but still, I oughta be gettin' ready, huh?

    • Nailed what?

  • This was a problem until we invested in a king size bed. Well worth the investment. Now, she does still manage to take way too much blanket somehow, but at least I can be chilly with space.

    • We will be investing soon in the king size big too. We went on vacation and our room had the king size bed. It was a wonderful trip and my husband really liked the bed. I managed to keep my feet close to him however haha.

    • MrFeatherman

      Soooo true! My wife and I had a queen for the first year of our marriage, and realized it was time for some actual sleeping space. Best investment ever πŸ™‚

  • Isn't her leg cold? My wife would never stick her leg out, too cold.

    • Those icy feet..

    • I didn't even notice her leg was sticking out until you mentioned it. But if you're warm under blankets, and cold without them, then sticking one leg out is the perfect balance!

  • Giraffe Fan

    You know you're in trouble when your sleep number is -1.

    • Amaster

      -5, you mean, cause they only go in increments of 5.

  • Chris Kopcow

    3….2….1….annnnd sending this to my girlfriend

  • Even on a queen size bed, my boyfriend gets about four inches of sleeping space. I've always told him he could push me over and I'd never notice, I sleep like a log, but apparently I'm very intimidating in my sleep…

    *shares with the boyfriend* πŸ˜€

  • I'm one of the new ones, I'll say hi! πŸ˜€ Love the comics! I'm usually the one that's taking up the entire bed though…. haha

    • PS It says "Email (optional)" but won't let you reply until you enter one. I think it's confused πŸ™‚

    • Hello there!

  • Nick

    I had more room sleeping in a twin with my wife than I do now on a california king

  • Hi Justin, I’ve been reading your comics for quite some time – they’re some of my favorites. I make stuffs for the internet too and it always encourages me to see other people being funny and successful. Have you considered reposting your comics over on tumblr? They do pretty well over there and I know a bunch of others who do it that way (three word phrase, gemma correll, cat vs. human, etc.). It’s just a good way to ensure you get credit over there (since tumblr is notorious for poor crediting). Anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Banning

    She says she pushes me off the bed because, even in her sleep, she loves me so much she wants to get closer to me. I'm not buying it…

  • You guys should try sharing a bed with a pregnant woman! It gets worse when they're pregnant, in a bunch of ways…

  • Fulano

    Our solution to this is for my wife to start on the side and I start in the middle. By morning we're usually in our "assumed" sleeping areas.

  • It appears as if I am definitely not the only one with this problem =)

  • Will

    True story.

  • Dan

    Wonder what other material gets covered in this…Couple Sciences class.

  • I've never felt so welcome!!

  • This just triggered the most awful flashbacks in my head. I think I'm gonna be sick…

    • I have the sawdust for the throw ups.

      • Ah, finally someone explains about the sawdust. Where I live, we use toilets or bags to puke in. Sawdust might be your revolutionary new way. We are so behind…

  • Dux Corvan

    So it is an universal phenomenon…

  • Iamawesome

    sadly, that is the cold hard truth. and why I have my own bed.

  • CommanderClock

    I don't understand the sawdust joke in the extra panel =(

    • Dan

      To help clean up the puke.

    • Ethne

      I think sawdust is used to cover up and absorb vomit (:

  • asdasd

    It constantly amazes me that 5,000 years of human civilisation has failed to come up with a better solution.

    • David

      They did.

      Bunk beds. πŸ™‚

      • Haha, yes! I totally forgot about bunk beds!

        Can you imagine going into a married couple's master bedroom and seeing a bunk bed?

        • I imagine I would think something along the lines of, "So THAT'S why they seem so extra happy together!"

  • Jumbif

    Just read the entire series in about 25 minutes.
    Totally worth it.

  • I've thought long and hard about this, but I think I finally found a solution for all the people who feel bad about sleeping on one quarter of the bed: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2150501011

  • Ebby

    My husband goes to that side like an inch worm! I have to chase him to keep warm or snuggle! HAHA, I'm the light sleeper of our family so I'm conscious enough to know, or SEE him scoot that way.

  • Ren

    I woke up with this comic in my head, my husband and I had a sort of diagonal variation. i had the upper right corner.

  • Alicia

    Oh god, my ex did this all the time. He took up the whole bed and I would barely sleep at all when he stayed over. D: So nice to have my bed to myself again.

  • Guess Justin was right. He isn't the only person with that problem. Lord, I hope my girl doesn't move in for awhile.

  • Limesssss

    Pssh. My husband and I sleep altogether on one side of the bed. There is enough space left over for whole other person. xD

  • Samantha Garvey

    This is SO true.. haha!

  • Ethaniel

    Hi, I’ve just discovered this very funny webcomics today thanks to channelate! =)

    This strip reminds me another one: http://www.monsieur-le-chien.fr/index.php?planche
    It’s in French but the bed picture is international. πŸ˜‰

  • The Moo

    That ALWAYS happens to me. urg.

  • Duke of diapers

    I'm not shire if he's trollin em

  • Some one

    More like my dog is in the middle and I get the top of my bed