It’s Been A While
  • Naturality

    I thought he shouted 'crop!' in the second panel. Was he playing Photoshop: The Game?

    • Giraffe Fan

      Can you die in that? It'd be like 'OMG! Misapplied liquify filter! I just melted my face off!!!'

  • RaspberryTea

    If looks could kill. . .

    • Giraffe Fan

      … there would be no mirrors?

      • ActualHuman

        Or mirrors would be sold in gun stores?

        • GUEST

          …the eyewitnesses would be the murderers.

          • Cleverbot

            …pacifists must become blind

          • Geeky

            Or have no faces

  • Aita

    To be fair, once upon a time I took a hiatus because I couldn't stand the level that people had fallen to in professional tournaments, so I dropped my team and swapped games.

    Since then, the community has only gotten worse, so while I still have skills in the games I was playing before I stopped, I haven't been able to be competitive in newer FPSs. Honestly, that doesn't bother me, because I can't stand military shooter bullshit and all the pseudo-gamers that come with them. (Pro-tip: if you only own three games and they're all from the same series, you aren't a gamer, go away).

    • Karl

      I suggest taking a look at the SC2 community. There's still hope. I never really got into the FPS pro-gaming scene, but the SC2 community is amazing.

      • Aita

        Played for a couple days, still plenty of trashtalking and general stupidity, no spirit of competition type people anymore. I want to believe you're right, but maybe you're just lucky… I'm happy you've found something that suits you, though!

        • Karl

          Well, if you don't mind just watching, check out the pro scene for it. People like Sheth, White-Ra, Grubby, Day[9], djWHEAT, iNcontrol, Gretorp, and so many more are just awesome people in general.

    • Amaster

      As of two days ago, I no longer need to go away because of your statement. I now own 4 games, three from the Halo series (Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, and Halo Wars), and Quantum of Solace.
      Also, to be fair, I really like Halo and I don't have money in most cases to buy games.

      • Aita

        Look into abandonware, there's a ton of games out there, legal and free. There's also a ton of history worth looking into in gaming.

        There's just so much to gaming that people don't see, for whatever reason. I was always told that there's something in every genre for everyone.

        It's nice to see you kinda branching out… but why stay with something so long? Why only those games?

        • Amaster

          Well, those are only my Xbox games, I do have a Gamecube and an N64, but I don't have much of a chance to play them. I do some PC gaming, but even that is limited. I am a very casual gamer.
          That is, I'll be casual until I get Minecraft.

    • weegee93

      i dont know what the heck you just said there.

  • riylshadow

    This achievement would be mine

    • weegee93


  • Giraffe Fan

    You think that's bad, you should try gaming as a giraffe, it's hard to even see the screen from up here and don't get me started on the 'joys' of pressing buttons with your tongue. 😀

    • Mewse

      You could get a tongue gamepad that responds to certain tastebuds 😮

  • Dammit Justin, stop spying on my life!

    • ActualHuman

      Nahh, he wouldn't do somethin' like that. He would pay me to spy on yo-I've said to much!

      • I'm over both of your shoulders right now. If you look, I'll disappear.

        • Looks like I have to find the Ninja-In-A-Can if I don't wanna get spied on by you, huh?

          • He's my friend. He won't attack me.

            BTW, I'm in that Ninja-In-A-Can you just purchased.

          • Geeky

            Where do I find the Ninja-In-A-Can brand? I can’t find it anywhere

  • Amaster

    If Goldeneye on the N64 had achievements, I would have one relating to going 20 lives without being able to pick up a weapon.

    • twistedrin

      mine would be for cheat codes

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  • Is this a real achievment, cause i kinda want it

  • Kay_Demonia

    Dat hidden panel doe!

  • Matthew Helmuth

    my favorite part 4th panel left selection DERP