• Aita

    Seems like it'd be an awesome idea for, say, a long-built AD&D campaign with tons of friends~

    8 hours spent together… infinite rootbeer floats seems like an awesome idea~

  • Oraticus

    I have to admit, when I first saw the "bottomless root beer", I suspected that the glass was going to be sans a bottom, and each refill would end up in the purchaser's lap.

    • lizzyrose

      I thought the same thing…not bc I've never heard of or don't understand the concept of a bottomless drink…but I thought it actually would be too good to be true….not too true to be good 😉

      • tortik

        I thought so too! lol

  • Bottomless offers such as this often remind me that I am not as fortunate as they are – I certainly have a bottom, which I hit after unreasonable amounts of consumption.

    • ActualHuman

      You hit your own bottom after consuming to much? How would that help? It's your brains fault for making you want to consume so much.

      • Aita

        Perhaps that's exactly what he's saying?

  • Consider me not warned at all, but inadvertently marketed to. If I hadn't already eaten lunch today, I would be driving to Red Robin right now for my own helping of ice cream and regret.

    • It's real good until that regret kicks in. Savor those pre-regret moments.

  • Cloral

    Am I the only one who noticed that he was on a date while this was happening?

  • You should have called it 'endless' rootbeer floats instead of 'bottomless'.
    Your welcome.

    (most irritating comment ever?)

    • "Bottomless Root Beer Float" is an actual menu item at Red Robin.

    • Jake

      It's "you're", sweetie. 😉

  • Sami Jo

    I got a bottomless root beer float at Red Robins over the weekend and at first i was like Good Idea, uup until my food came 🙁

  • see, the trick is to figure out exactly how many of the bottomless items you have to consume for the restaurant to not profit from you. for example: if the bottomless root beer float costs $5, and each one costs the restaurant $1 to make, then you must drink >5 to turn a sweet, sweet root beer profit.

    • ActualHuman

      Or just bring a a few water coolers and empty the bottomless items into into your coolers and have a party later at home. By yourself.

  • That face is freakin' hilarious. Please make use of it more often. I can't stop laughing at it!

  • SSE

    I like your root beer belly.

  • Wrath

    I had this as my drink It is a real thing! I made the mistake of ordering an actual meal to go with it though.

    • Yup, same here. I haven't ordered that drink since the event that this comic is based on.

  • A few years ago I got their bottomless strawberry lemonade. The waiter was polite enough as he kept bringing them to me, sometimes even when I was only halfway done with my previous one, but I could tell he was judging me. (I think I drank six or seven of them.)

  • I need root beer. Like right now.

  • Unsnappedfoil04


  • MePlayingGames

    He better not have ordered coffee at Perkins or IHOP…those places always have bottomless coffee!