The Worst
  • Aita

    Clearly, it has holes in it, so it's only 75% of one layer on the roll…

    • I don't wanna think too much about how terrible that is.

  • LOL, where can I buy some of that!

  • Minkis

    Hey, now the alt-comic button is a piece of toast!

    • vdeogmer

      Or, perhaps, an invisible piece of bread.

      • Now it makes sense…

      • Minkis

        That's what I meant…
        But it used to look like a pi symbol

  • Kal

    i don't see why people buy cheap toilet roll, it would be like buying cheap condoms

  • Whoops

    I like my recycled stuff better than the thick-as-towels stuff my grandmother keeps. Although I'm sure plenty of other people don't. Maybe I should keep "guest TP".

    • Amaster

      Charmin Basic, a good balance of cost and quality. It's not thick-as-towels, but it doesn't break through at the first touch.

  • bdub

    Hey buddy – you need to have a G+ sharing button. *(:

    Or at least check what needs to happen to optimize the page for sharing by hand.. When I pasted in the comic's url, the image wasn't available for a thumbnail and the description had nothing to do with the content. Ended up having to hotlink to the graphic..

    • Hmm, the thumbnail part surprises me. As for the description, it looks like the software I'm using on this site has a little bug in it. I'll give it a look when I have a little more time.

  • Giraffe Fan

    I'm trying really hard but I can't think of a Giraffe oriented comment for this one…

    • A giraffe always buys good toilet paper. Everyone should befriend a giraffe.


      • Giraffe Fan

        Thanks, on behalf of the giraffes of course. 😀

        I was thinking of doing a giraffe print toilet paper square illustration, but then … I didn't want to think of the purpose it'd be used for. Best to leave toilet paper things to those bears that are always advertising it on TV.

    • Dan

      When a Giraffe wants toilet paper he walks over an elephant.

      • Giraffe Fan

        That would be a bit painful.. unfortunately there aren't many soft two-ply animals in the Serengeti. 😀

  • Eloise

    As a volunteer that worked in Africa for two years, I used nothing but water and my hand to clean my backside, finished with a good soapy hand washing. I came back to the states appalled at the pretentiousness of wiping the filthiest part of your body with bleached virgin quilted two ply paper. Since the Africa method is not conducive in western bathrooms, its only recycled one ply paper for me.

    • Jon

      I guess it comes down to whether you value having roughly one cent or getting shit on your hand higher. And yes, I did the math – costco pack of toilet paper, $21 for 36 rolls, 425 sheets, ~8 sheets per wipe comes out to just over 1 cent per use. Honestly, you probably spend more than that on the soap you use to wash your hands afterwards, not to mention the psychological damage it'd cause.

  • Been there

    Pretentiousness? Probably arrogance too, right? Sounds like you have a bad case of culture shock. Didn't you learn people do the best they can with what they have? Toilet paper, running water and reliable plumbing are among the blessings of civilization. You should enjoy. Given the variety and rates of infectious diseases in Africa, I really do not see much merit in copying their hygiene practices if you do not have to. They don't.

  • Bob

    I use the cheapest kind ever, but leave 1 fancy roll for family. When it's gone, it's gone!
    I use old t-shirts from goodwill and a pair of kitchen shears. I can afford to drink every night!