Road Trip
  • clownpagliacci

    hm, I don't get it.

    • The secret page explains a lot

      • Hmm, what part was unclear in the comic? I might need to tweak a thing to make sure we all know what's going on without that extra panel =)

        • Giraffe Fan

          I'd say the 2nd to last panel is the confusing one. I don't know what others were thinking, but I was confused at first that he left the car running and hopped out to run to the gas station too?

          • Alright, I made some tweaks to make it hopefully more clear that he's bailing on a moving car to avoid the running out of gas discussion =) Sorry about any confusion!

          • loopadoop

            Even YOU have forgotten that you are the guy in the blue stripes?

          • loopadoop

            That *you
            The guy in blue stripes is Justin, don't you know that?

  • Giraffe Fan

    Lots of complicated art in this one! 😀

    • Tell me about it! I pushed my art envelope on this one.

  • Ren

    Thank you for the second to eighth panel. My imagination was wondering if that ending was going to be morbid, but moronic is much better.

    • Ren

      *second to ninth…
      lol your extra panel threw off my count.

  • Dan

    The more important question. Do prints include the extra panel?

    • The prints do not. That's a little bonus of the website.

      However, if there is a demand to put the extra panels in the prints, it can be done!

  • Kintrex

    That's a pretty great gas meter to tell you exactly how much farther you can drive.

  • My gas meter always lies to me… it will say I have a 1/4 a tank then I run out or I will be on empty for a week. Stupid thing.

  • Toska

    I think what had confused me is the '*door slam*'. I wonder how he managed that while jumping out… but then again, maybe I don't know much about jumping out of moving cars. It's not really a habit of mine.

    But still, awesome comic! I was just a bit slow to get it.'''

  • Icalasari

    Can't you run on fumes for a bit?