Hey everyone!  It’s time for the the first Invisible Bread In The Wild contest!  The winner of this contest will win two full color, high-resolution prints of any two comics from the site!  This contest will also be the official kick-off for offering prints of all of the comics here, so once it’s over, prints will be available for everyone!

Here’s how to enter

Step 1: Find one of your favorite Invisible Bread comics.

Step 2: Print it out.  Black-and-white works just fine!

Step 3: Put that comic up somewhere and take a picture!  You can put it on a dorm room door, a cubicle wall, in a locker, in a bathroom, on a bulletin board or anywhere else you can imagine.  Have fun with those pictures!

Step 4: Send that picture to me at contest (at) invisiblebread.com

Step 5: That’s it!  You’ve done it!


All entries must be in by September 28th at 11:59 PM eastern time.  Also, because I think all you readers are pretty great (seriously, you’re awesome), every single person who enters this contest will get $2 off the purchase of the print of the comic they entered with.  You are allowed to send as many entries as you like as well.  As long as the picture has the comic in a different location than your other submissions, you’re good!

To choose a winner, I will pick one submission at random and that lucky person will get a full color, high-resolution print of that comic PLUS any other additional comic from the site.  And I’ll ship it anywhere.  So if I just so happen to pull an entry from someone not in North America, well dang, that person just super won!

Have fun!