Buying A Computer
  • ActualHuman

    I wish my computer was as fast as 5,000 rams. It's only as fast as 5,000 arachnids.

    • *imagines 5000 spiders crawling over body*


      • ActualHuman

        And scorpions! Don't forget the scorpions!

        • Oh, I wouldn't leave out scorpions! That's just impolite!

      • daft

        hehe, that tickles.

    • Nick

      That's faster than my 5,000 slugs… 🙁

  • Dwight Chas

    “Several to many”

  • allitode

    We've got two guys in our office who keep asking for terabit drives. And two terabit drives. And 6 gigabits of memory.

    • Aita

      A cookie to you, sir, if you give them 125Gb drives and snicker like a maniac.

      maybe two!

    • Latency Fluff

      I must have a terrapin drive, it's as slow as a turtle!

    • qwertytmp01

      Well, DDR3 gets ten or so gigabits per seccond…. and you can buy ancient hard drives that are 128gb…. So, I say, give him a gig of ram, and a ancient hard drive, and tell him it's what he asked for.

  • WOW!!! A computer the speed of 5,000 rams, hope he can handle all that power!!!!!!

  • jasonpoland

    The salesperson is hugging him! I want to shop there.

    • They are very nice at Computer Buy Place, where every computer is a computer you can buy!

      • Excuse me Mr. Salesman, but do you carry that software my nephew uses? He said it's the best part of using a computer, but I'm so computer illiterate I don't know how to upload it to my CPU.

  • I kind of want to go to a computer store and ask for things like this. Just to see what kind of attention I actually get.

  • which one is bigger? a notebook or a facebook? >=D

    • GUEST

      Are those the names of music books? Is there an egbdfbook too?

    • Katie

      Face book…

  • I'd pay extra to hear the salesperson tell me "Yes I believe in you!"

  • Cem

    Wait a minute there, the buyer is a red shirt… Does that mean he will die trying to handle the notebook?

  • Hmmm… flashback to when I was helping my dad by a computer. Nicely done!

  • Dan

    Am I the only person who thought he said SOLO and starting trying to remember if Han Solo ever said "YES I believe in you" in Star Wars?

    • Taxed Fluff

      Yes. But we still believe in you.

    • OH. it says sold! wow. I was SO confused by this until now. thank you xD

      • I just adjusted that D in the comic =)

        • Kal

          if you have a flashback to when you had a flash forward, could you get stuck in a recursive loop of flashing.

  • But what of his internets? how will he possibly be satisfied without his many internets?

    I quite enjoyed the first panel. The contrast of both an atmosphere, the computers, to the characters each with different expressions, made for a very solid panel to start off with.

    Splendid job!

    – Mr. Joshua

  • Aita

    Was going to rant about the difference between bits and bytes, and that people can't multiply by 1000 to save their lives… beaten to the punch on both.

    It seems to foreign to me… it's like walking into a restaurant and not knowing the menu, or going to a theater without knowing what's playing… I could never do something like that, it would drive me insane.

    • Aita

      Why was I downrated without comment? How am I the only one who can't stand being unprepared in any social situation?

    • Kal

      there is one byte in 8 bits, thats magical

  • Zing

    You heard of his ram? It's over 9000!

    • Sir, its only 5000. Not nearly 9000. I'm afraid, sir, that this is in fact UNDER 9000!!!!!

      • No, see, 5000 is more powerful than 9000. That's why they put it on a higher shelf. To keep it out of reach of children. 5000 is WAY better than 9000.

  • Jon

    I should preface this by saying I'm one of those guys who writes lol but doesn't even smile. But this… I lol'ed at this. OUT LOUD.

  • my computer's ram is as fast as 5,000 extremely lethargic snails. 🙁

  • Patrick

    I just choked on my soda on the third panel

  • Things are no different with car repair shops. People who obviously have no idea about how cars work are more likely to get ripped off through fake or unnecessary repairs. Women are disportionately victimized by this.

  • This one made me laugh out loud!

  • Mineblock5000

    My computer has 960 gigabyte storage.

  • Human

    In panel three when red shirt guy says he needs lots of RAM I half-expected several rams (like the animal with horns) to leap out of the computer screen.

  • Mineblock5000

    I assume that 5000 rams = 5GB of RAM.

  • TZO2K15

    Better than cockroaches, flies and Hornets/Wasps!