Software Engineering
  • Aita

    As a programmer and a gamer, I see both the good and bad of lazy programing… today, however, there's less reason to be awesome, with nigh-infinite storage… "Why would be optimise the code for quarter-second-active-thread-loading when we can just dump in all into ram and save thirty man-hours! I'm a Genius!"

    Which is why I will forever say that good-bad bugs are a mark of interest, and bad programmers aren't those with bugs, but rather those who could do better work if lobotomized…

    • Axxle

      I guess you don't work on gaming platforms…

    • chuckj

      the issue related to the cartoon is not performance but maintainability. But as you stated your a programmer and not a SE so I wouldn't expect you to know that.

  • Dan

    [quote]Which is why I will forever say that good-bad bugs are a mark of interest, and bad programmers aren't those with bugs, but rather those who could do better work if lobotomized… [/quote]

    I don't quite understand what you're getting at here, but I'd like to.

    • I think it's that bad programmers will always be making poor decisions with their code and never really thinking through everything. They might be lazy just because they are lazy or maybe not know better? Who knows!

      Now on the other side, there are some things that may seem like lazy solutions, but in reality, the solution was thought out and the decision wasn't made out of laziness. At that point, I would hope to see a comment in the code though:

      // this looks lazy, but its not! now, let me explain =)

      • Aita

        Pretty much. While I'll be the first to admit the manual gets a lot of things wrong, and tons of tricks can save space/runtime, if your tricks work less well than the book-work version would (i.e. if you did it by the book instead of trying to think, and thus are "brainless"), then you're obviously a bad programmer.

        Errors because someone else did something most wouldn't think of, or abused a solution to Problem A to create Problem B is not a mark of a bad programmer. When problem A exists because you refused to follow any kind of protocol, then there's an issue.

  • Someone drew 'N's across that man's cheek whilst he was napping! Jay kay.

  • Hebs

    Maybe Y2K was on purpose!

    • Ooo, I like that!

    • loopadoop

      But it didn't happen…

      • Dave_Harmon

        It didn’t happen… ON PURPOSE! Seriously — I was among the legions of programmers in the mid- and late-90’s, all going through our respective programs and making sure that all those 2-digit years got extended to 4-digits before anything blew up.

  • John


    • Link? What link? You must tell me everything!

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  • Eichhorn

    Invisible panel:
    Terminator 0: Garbage day!

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