Relationship Problems
  • ActualHuman

    heh. heh. hehheheheheh. ha. ha. ha ha ha. hahahahah Ha Ha Ha HaHaHa HA HA HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  • beyerd1

    Best Invisible Bread to date. Well done sir, well done!

  • Minkis

    O jeez, that alt-moon's facial expression… lol

  • Stone500

    The moon looks like a banana. I want a banana now.

    • I only have moon bananas.

      • Kal

        are they from the dark side of the moon? because those taste like rock

        • Crap, my bad. I just have a bunch of moon rocks.

  • Rory

    I know exactly how this feels.
    *sigh* It's touch being married to Venus.

  • HunterJE

    That alabaster retard…

  • Flaky dudes are the most frustrating kind of dudes. Relationships that go through phases are the most frustrating kind of relationships. Period puns are the most frustrating kinds of puns… see, I'm annoyed when men make period jokes, but I love any kind of pun ever, so I think they cancel out? I'm just not sure!

  • AureateScribe

    Man… I wish periods DID disappear. It would make marriages easier during that time of the month…

  • Eh! Steve

    I never post comments on websites. Ever. But this… this is amazing. You, my friend, have won the internets.

  • Cem

    HAHA! oh, the pi-panel, and stuff. this is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen this month 😀

  • Michael

    I like how "period" is a three-way pun.

  • Anyone else think the moon in the pi-panel has a rape face?

    • IHaveNoCreativeName

      You're confusing "rape face" with "too much ecstasy". We already know that the moon can't be counted on…

  • Katie


  • Grace

    o////o This is funny but also a little awkward for me.

  • Ha ha hi hi; Very nice job done. I'll try such images for next birthday party I'm going to design…

  • Madame Kagamine


    • Madame Kagamine

      I’d laugh if I laughed at stuff like this. It’s funny, but I sometimes don’t laugh. ;-;

  • Jim

    Best I vibe bread yet

  • Jim

    Invisible bread*