Hunger Problem
  • Pizzahands sound way better than the food I have sitting near me for breakfast.
    Curse you, Jimmy Dean, & your lack of pizzahands!

  • Oraticus

    So… if hands (a) = pizza (b), and pizza (b) = edible (c), then it MUST be that hands (a) = edible (c)! Thank you transitive property of equality! You’ve remedied my hunger when all above variables are true!

    • Who ever said hands aren't edible? Cannibalism may be distasteful to most, but I don't think anybody said it was impossible.

    • RneiNight

      NO! NO! MATH!

  • Chris Kopcow

    I really need to bring the pizza wizard with me to college

    • He's my pizza wizard! Hmm, well, he may be able to turn someone else into a pizza wiza-

      Nope, he says "No, no way. Not after last time"

  • ofthefittest

    Haha, I would totally do this if I had pizza hands for five minutes.

  • Harry

    Stupid wizard in the extra panel doesn't realise he has pizzahat.

  • Awww man nice!!!! I didn't even know you made this until just now!! Pretty much exactly what I was thinking of, awesome job as always 🙂

  • fudge

    actually imagining this, it's even more unsettling than scissorhands.

  • rachina

    *chomp* OW! *chomp* OW!

  • Callida

    This reminds me of an irrational fear I have. I've always feared that if anyone's' fingers either became ice or froze or something, I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to snap them off, one by one. You'd be surprised the amount of time I've spent upset about this.

  • Madame Kagamine

    His tummy was making the rumblies…
    …that only pizzahands would satisfy…