• Aita

    I spent days playing stuff with friends… I pulled a "sleepless 66" one caffeine-infused weekend, and I've yet to get to 77, but I'm hoping one day~

    That said, I have had 15+ hour AD&D sessions, lost track of time for days on end in expansive games (Oh Starflight (Genesis), how I love thee~), spent 12+ hours a day for months on end (Hiya UO, EQ, WoW… how are you today?)… games are by and large what make me me, though, so I guess I'm a special case.

    I have, on three occasions, had people call the cops to make sure I was still alive when I stopped gaming (Once when I attended a friend's funeral and missed three days in EQ, once when I missed an AD&D group because I got lost on the way, and once when I missed a Quake2 Tournament because I got extremely ill and passed out). I guess that speaks volumes~

    • AureateScribe

      Wow (not World of Warcraft, just the obligatory opening statement of general shock/awe/surprise)… if people call the cops because of a lack of your online presence… methinks that does speak quite vociferously.

      Still… there’s a part of me crying out “I WANT!”, so who am I to judge?

      • Aita

        It's a rarity when I'm ever late, and I usually tell people ahead of time when I leave, so people tend to freak out. One friend of mine told me it was akin to an alarm clock around daylight savings time and wondering where the hell the sun went, haha.

    • daft

      I spent 3 says awake canonballing the Resident Evils 123, by second play through of 2 to get the alt endings I started to see zombies in my basement and talked to a large pink rabbit. fun times.

  • fudge

    yeah, why hang around in one game to get a 100% completion, when you can move on to another game?… i mean, that's completion in it's own right, hitting all the games out there, right? GOTTA CATCH EM ALL

  • Damn Achievements!

  • CBud

    Unfortunately it's impossible to get to 100% in Just Cause 2… and I've been playing for months!

    (… )

  • Billo

    That is one spiffy shirt, sir

  • The map for that game is crazy huge! Here's a comparison map for map comparison purposes:

    • AureateScribe

      Wow… that's actually pretty damn interesting. How are you supposed to traverse 400+ sq. miles?

      Also… I think a Minecraft map potentially has them all beat:
      "technical reasons force the maximum map size to 8 times the surface area of the Earth"

      • You can be extracted by a helicopter to go to previously discovered locations around the map. You can also find/buy a helicopter, airplane, jet, boat, car, motorcycle and rough it that way too.

        Even flying a fast plane, it still takes a little while to go from one edge of the map to the other.

        • AureateScribe

          Seriously… I need the ability to be extracted by helicopter whenever I want. It would get me out of SO many unnecessary conversations in the most bad-ass way possible. 😀

          *Whup, whup, whup, whup*
          Yeah… sorry… gotta go. Looks like my ride is here.
          *Throws on the Ray-Bans and snags the ladder*

      • Aita

        I believe EVE has the largest overall map, but I'd have to double check my numbers for it…

        • TRS

          Actually, it's said that Elder Scrolls 2 has the largest map at over 64,000 square miles.

    • That's a fantastic way to really show you how big JC2 is!

      I never even realized how tiny GTA3 is! It felt like such a big place when I first played it way back when.

  • AureateScribe

    So you DO have hair… it just takes years to manifest itself, and can only grown in tandem with facial mop?

    • All hair under 3 inches is invisible in my comics, just like the bread.

      • AureateScribe

        So the background could be FULL of loaves of bread, and we’d just never truly know? Crap… now I must know! The truth is out there!

  • Rok

    Games like Just Cause, Oblivion, Fallout… really open world games in general do this to me.

  • Ernesto Aragon

    You should totally play Red Dead Redemption. It's awesome!

    • That game is on my list of games I have to play =) Not sure when I'll ever get to it since I bought at least 300 hours of gaming last week!

  • Jared

    The beard is awesome.

    • I used a time machine to travel into a future where I stopped shaving and that is exactly what my beard looked like.

  • daft

    I get like this every time square puts out a new game. dysidea stole so much of my life, it can keep it, no biggie.

  • Xenos

    I love playing games for days on end… Life often tends to get in the way though.

    • juiceboxhero

      indeed. ,,,l,(p_o)

  • loooooossssssseeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

  • careful…..playing non-stop can be deadly!!!
    (I just watched this the other day) 🙂

  • Chris Kopcow

    What game is he playing?

  • CzarLanay

    I'd like to take out the trash, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Tarlock

    And that game was called "Skyrim."

  • Yeah mines was pokemon

  • I get like this every time square puts out a new game. dysidea stole so much of my life, it can keep it, no biggie.

  • That guy

    You are very not good at this game