Jumping Some Rope
  • awww the people even lost their color when the Giraffe joined in D:

    • katrinaevening

      Interesting! Maybe it was 2 completely different people…or maybe it's social commentary on how obama's sticking his neck out (giraffe) with the new healthcare system, but it's just not working (jump rope). Hahaha. Winning.

      • Hmm yeah, I can see how it could be unclear that there are two different groups jumping rope at the same time. The original draft had three groups jumping rope at the same time, so it was probably more clear then.

        I just updated the comic to have the original two rope holders continue holding for the giraffe =)

        • rachina

          yeah, I was wondering about that. When I read the first comment I was like "wut no they didn't"

  • Aww man, Skip-it. That brings back memories.

    (Also, did the joke really need explaining in the bonus panel?)

    • Dan W

      No, the joke did not need explaining. That’s the joke.

      • That's what I was going for =)

        • Olav Torkson

          Thanks for explaining so. Now can someone please enlighten me about why @K1rkpad wanted an explanation for your first explaining?

        • Okay, finally found the bonus panel. I've been looking for that thing for six years.

          • ian

            you know u couldve just highlighted it

      • Did the joke really need explaining in Dan W's comment?

  • Kal

    or the giraffe could get two giraffe buddies, or two t-rexs and a really long rope

    • ActualHuman

      But then it would just get eaten by the t-rexes.

      • ActualHuman

        I mean eated.

  • Chris Kopcow

    Justin, how long a rope do you think a rope would have to be for a giraffe to jump rope? Would it be giraffe-shaped? *crosses fingers* *hopes he draws it*

  • AureateScribe

    I know your pain, giraffe… I was always too tall to do jump rope too. It would always come around and smack me in the face. The next day I would have an inverted parabola welt across my nose and cheeks that reminded me that… *sniff* we tall people have it rough too… *sniffle*… solidarity, my savanna soul mate. *fist/hoof bump*

  • Rok

    It's hard to play jumprope with a Dugtrio too.

  • Loved it!
    And I really liked the last panel
    Sure you get it before, but it's still funnier with the last panel 😀

  • Kerry Cantwell

    It's always so sad for the giraffe. 🙁 Except when he's hungry and there's a tall tree nearby that he can reach. With his mouth.

  • Faithy

    I'm really glad that I clicked the pi symbol for this one. Cause I honestly didn't get it at first lol.

  • Late Fluff

    I don't know why I found this so funny, but it was one of my favorites when reading the archives. I think I just like giraffes.

  • It’s funny, because his heart is breaking. His only dream was to be the best at jump roping, and now his life is in shambles.

  • Katie

    What do you mean 'skip it' ?

  • BreadCrumbs

    Its okay Mr giraffe I know how you feel

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