IKEA Hacking
  • Thomas

    This one is my favorite so far.

  • MrMachino

    I built a pirate ship with my IKEA stuff.

  • It's like a work of art…!


  • Dan W

    I have never experienced IKEA. So sad 🙁

  • AureateScribe

    Art? It looks like a kitty play-place. I could have sworn that lamp was a scratching post.

    • Maybe all kitty play-places are just abstract art. And cats love art so much that they wanna climb all over it and scratch it and stuff.

      Or not =P

      • AureateScribe

        I’m sure it’s a safe postulation that cats love abstract art, but I’m going to warn you of a hidden danger: not all abstract art loves cats. Last time I’m bought a kitty play-place, there was an Escher-inspired staircase that was supposedly intended to allow the cat access to the food and water dish at the top. I came home to find that kitty had died of exhaustion, approximately 5,200% of the way up.

        • Oh no! And the poor kitty almost made it!

          • AureateScribe

            Indeed… he was only infinity – 52 laps short of the goal. I made sure that his epitaph noted his monumental effort though, and that Escher had claimed another innocent soul.

  • I built a lamp, but that's because I only bought a box of lamp. And I didn't really build it, so much as I plugged it in. And only after the lamp was sitting around for three or four years because I didn't have a light bulb for it, or the wherewithal to go buy one. I ended up stealing one from my lava lamp.

    …What was the question?

  • Cheap, delicious Ikea furniture, and cheap, functional Ikea food. Good call.


  • not gonna lie, I've thought about making a very similar monstrosity out of ikea refuse…

  • Hahaha!! This is really the IKEA experience 🙂

  • That bottom frame is my face every time I go to work for that infernal store.

    • I had to stop a guy once from picking up all the display furniture and putting it in his cart. He actually took a floor model chair that my girlfriend and I were thinking about buying, so I had to do something! When I told the guy that you pick up the parts at the end in the big warehouse section, he was totally confused.

      He was doing everything his girlfriend was telling him, and she didn't seem too bright =)

  • Everyone always raves about those meatballs but once I was in IKEA and I went to the toilet, and on the inside of the cubicle door someone had written "Don't eat the meatballs. They give you diarrhea."
    And that's why I've never had them

    • Kal

      don't believe everything you read in a cubicle, you definitely won't have a good time 😮

  • daft

    those ikea instructions are so confusing, no matter how closely and precisely I try to fallow them it I end up with a giant rabbit on wheels.

  • Danica

    I loooooooove IKEA meatballs! You know that's just as awesome? Their $1 hotdogs!

  • katrinaevening

    I've been doing atkins for 7 months now, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of delicious delicious meat

  • ian

    not gonna lie, i want it

  • Katie

    What the heck is IKEA?

    • Just the greatest You-put-it-together store ever. Dang cheap and some of the stuff looks pretty nice too!

  • Pinky

    I HAVE THAT LAMP… I bought it because it's one of the few Ikea lamps to have a little on/off pull chain instead of a click wheel 10 inches down the cord so you have to reach behind the bedside table to turn the lamp on. Boo!

  • loopadoop

    I don't have any IKEA products in my house other than a couple plates.

  • killll meeeee…

  • Great comic!!!!

  • Lena

    Origin of modern art.

  • Dave_Harmon

    What did you do with all the lava?