• Kal

    Welcome to Mozart's Ghost 😀

  • Julie

    I…I am truly creeped out.

  • Chris Kopcow

    this reads like a storyboard for the world's shortest horror film

  • AureateScribe

    I’m sealing up my port 21 as we speak! … WHERE’S MY PORT 21? CRAP!


  • alichemy

    The hackers could make us all into zombies. Then they could force you to draw marmaduke.

  • AureateScribe

    I intentionally avoided that angle, as the thought of “sealing up port 2” might give some of your more deviant readers traumatic flashbacks, but now you just went and opened up that psychological wound. You may have just put some people into the fetal position.

    … *turns around and cries softly*

  • AureateScribe

    What, it wasn’t the riotous, original, and fresh comedy “Miss Congeniality” that turned you on to Miss Bullock?

    *pockets advertising payoff*

  • καtrmr

    I, like, don't see any pi symbols anywhere.

    • loopadoop

      It is no longer a pi symbol. It is now a piece of bread. It only appears when you hover your mouse over it.

      • καtrmr

        holy gods, now I'm lost in looking at hidden panels from two years ago.

  • daft

    you punk kids with your nanite enhanced bodies and your cyber-brains with link ports and wifi and your complicated shoes. why back in my day we had modems and if we wanted to transmit a thought we used a key board, and a little thing called email (not that you know what that is). But no, that was not good enough for you young Turks, YOU had to get you bodies hooked to to some confounded cyberwhatsit and now your all "sorry I'm late sir my eyes got hacked and i thought I was in Fiji." you got what you deserve you bums. get out of my office.

  • malamiteltd

    Today, Sony! Tomorrow, THE WORLD!


  • juiceboxhero

    please dont hack my gibblets D:

  • Russell

    ahhh you should draw Acid Burn (from Hackers) and Lex (from Jurassic Park) hacking into Encom (from Tron)

    • Kal

      is it a unix system? I don't think Lex will know of it

  • katrinaevening

    wow, those hackers were just dicks.

  • That's what they get for looking at weird porn.

  • Jill

    Wanna see that movie

  • Chelsey

    This is so great!

  • jandsm5321

    So anybody with a website needs to watch Tron first?

  • Baaliam

    So, are you getting royalties from Watch Dogs or did they just steal this from you?

  • jandsm5321

    Hey wait… is this how Alex got to that place with all the logs? Did the hackers send him there? I'm actually re-reading "The Programmer" comic right now.

  • Jimmy Mccallion

    Nooooo, they are so cute 🙁

  • Dave_Harmon

    David Brin’s novel Earth wasn’t (iirc) one of his better efforts, but it does involve someone actually hacking the planet with a computer. (Two people actually, White Hat versus Black Hat.)