Tooth Doctor
  • Kal

    😮 poor kid, I hate the dentist too, now he has the suffer a worse fate

  • LOL oh no, that poor kid! Now he has to spend most of his life in ortho like me.

  • I think he might even need a worse doctor than the ortho.

  • Ali

    And now you have an ad for a neuro-ortho team, like a supplement to your comic.
    On that note, the kid probably needs an oral surgeon and a psychiatrist.

  • Oh no! That's almost not even funny! (But still totally is.)

  • tragic consequences!

  • Metal

    I went to the dentist yesterday. Wasn't too bad.

    >Get in chair
    >Daft Punk comes on radio


    • makinko

      that's horrifying! i'd want to dance, so the dentist would most likely end up punching me to get me to stay still

  • daft

    this is what I love about child logic.

    • daft

      of course of we actually allowed children to act on there logic non of them would survive to see there teens.

  • AureateScribe

    I think he shows a lot of options available at this point. I’m promoting the first human/cybernetic implant of chainsaw teeth.

    *goes to watch the movie adaption of Stephen King’s “The Langoliers”*

    • daft

      man I forgot they made a movie of that one, now I have to watch it again

  • katrinaevening

    They'll grow back, right? right?

    • Smock

      Not the molars

  • Actually, my great aunt used this logic. She had all her teeth pulled so that should wouldn't have to worry about cavities. :/

    • Phred


  • this reminds me of chowder he wanted the dentis lolipop so bad he broke his teath to go to the dentist and then monk said he has to got to a diffrent doctor lolz love the comic

  • hahahaha.. bdk gile!!

  • Commedia 2X00

    I hate when I have to go to the stupid dentist. The smart dentist isn't that bad.

  • loopadoop

    You watch Chowder?
    *Backs away slowly*

  • loopadoop

    I actually sorta like the dentist 🙂

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  • Joshua Browning

    One question- How can he talk with no teeth?(Can’t believe no one brought this up.)

    • Dave_Harmon

      My boss actually had his remaining teeth pulled, and he talks just fine. (He’s like 75, and with his other health issues, infections and anesthesia were more of a danger.)